Elliptical suggestion (nordictrack / proform / others)

I am looking to buy elliptical
I see some popular brand like
nordictrack or proform is very expensive.


Are they worth the price? Should I go with cheaper ebay/amazon one.
Example: https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B0841ZWL2Q

This is for home use.
Let me know your experience.


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    I recently bought a ProForm elliptical and I'm very happy with it, but it's less about the elliptical itself and more about the connected iFit workouts that are doing it for me. I like that the machine changes incline / resistance based on what's happening on the video screen, or programming a workout based on a Google Street View series of data. The program that I'm currently following (a beginner's 5K series set in Vietnam / Romania) has been great in keeping me motivated. After ~5 years of literally zero exercise I've been going for just over 3 months of daily workouts, with a couple missed here or there due to illness.

    Initially I'd been looking at a cheap, fully manual, Big W version as a way of getting myself started but I decided that if I liked it and then wanted to upgrade later I may as well put my $$ towards a more advanced machine rather than pay twice.

    That said, the Amazon machine you've linked is much better than the Big W one I was looking at and if you're just getting started it's probably fine! I think the key is to keep using it rather than getting an expensive clothes hanger that many of them turn out to be. If you're motivated it won't matter what machine you're using, as long as you're using it.

    And because it's OzBargain, here's that NordicTrack E7.5Z for $100 cheaper at Costco (membership required)

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      I have the ProForm treadmill and also find the iFit workouts good at keeping me motivated.
      The subscription is a bit pricey though, and it's disappointing the app doesn't work at all if you don't pay for the subscription (there's no freemium version).


        The way I've justified it in my head is that it's cheaper than a gym membership. Agree with you about a freemium version though, or some other way of getting people in without the investment. That said there's currently a Rebel Sport promotion offering 6 months free… supposedly with purchase of a machine but they have the offer code on a public facing webpage? ¯_(ツ)_/¯


          Does that mean that even the Pro 5000 Treadmill essentially won't work without iFit? If I don't want iFit, but just want the basic measurements on the treadmill (distance, heart rate, incline, etc) do you NEED iFit?

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            @kiriakoz: Without iFit they should behave exactly like any other treadmill / elliptical. I see that the Pro 5000 has a built in screen for displaying workout videos on, so I'm not 100% sure but what should be displayed on the screen if it's not connected to iFit is the workout stats. The product description mentions "50 onboard programs" so I assume that the time / stats for those programs would be displayed.


      Thanks. What model is your Proform? And where & how much did you buy it? I never track the pricing for this kind of stuff. So no idea how big is the discount should be.

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        I have the 695 direct from Proform (Icon Fitness, the retailer for both Proform and Nordic) as mentioned below by herecomestheoost - I didn’t have any issues with mine, but obviously they do happen occasionally.

        Given the opportunity to buy again though I’d get the 720E at the same price. The extra power incline would mean more to me at this stage over the space saver design, but that’s because I’m using it daily and have a dedicated space for it. If that wasn’t the case I’d feel differently.

        Price wise I think $1499 is the lowest the 695 has been, previously it was around $1899. Pay no attention to the RRP on the official site, I don’t think I’ve ever seen them not on sale of some kind. That said, I did find that direct from Icon was the cheapest for most models unless you could find one at Costco. Other retailers (eg Rebel) were generally more expensive from what I saw.

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    If you haven't already, consider an indoor rower instead. IMO there's no better indoor machine than a rower. It beats spin bikes, treadmills and ellipticals. You'll burn more calories and work more muscles than any other machine can and if you get one that can stand upright when not in use it also occupies less floor space than any other as well.


      I would tend to agree with you however I found the Expresso Bikes to be the best for me due to their interactive rides although I suspect that Zwift bike would be the best one for keeping people interested and motivated. A rower definetly does seem to give your body a better overall workout though.

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    I have this one -> https://www.proformfitness.com.au/product/rear-drive-series/...

    I had issues with their customer service, firstly on the day it was to be delivered I had organized to have the day off work to receive it (they use their own courier).. They called me that afternoon and told me it would be delivered at a later date (could not tell me when)… The next day at work I received a text that it will be delivered that day.. I had to leave work early to receive it.

    It was defective upon arrival and due to the lockdowns I couldn't have a tech come to look at it for 6 weeks.. But once the tech arrived he was able to replace the defective piece right there and then.. However they then tried to charge me for the tech coming out…

    I had to speak to them 5 times due to delivery and fixing the issue with it and had very poor experiences each time.

    The machine itself is great, it's obviously not as stable as what you would use in the gym, but it's pretty close. I recommend the product but not the company if you know what I mean.


      Oh that's a bit worrying. I've been looking at the cardiohiit trainer. I get the feeling the company in Australia is just a licensed distributor and not the actual company.


        That has been my understanding, yes.


    Would anyone recommend Decathlon Domyos EL520 ? Any thoughts ?