This was posted 7 months 18 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

  • out of stock

MILO 460g + Champ Band $5 (Was $45) + Pickup Only @ BIG W


Found randomly on Facebook. Ordered a couple for pickup for the kids.

Am in Canning Vale, WA. Seems to be available nationwide (YMMV)

7th June 2021, 9:42:49 pm Out of stock online, Pickup Only in selected suburbs (mostly regional)

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  • About 10 left at Rockdale. Dunno why but I bought one lol

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    Out of stock in all stores near me in melbourne.

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    No stock anywhere. Someone broden it

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      No stock anywhere
      Rubbish! Plenty of stores near me show in stock.

      • Postcode please? Nothing in inner west Sydney

        • Qld - multiple comments of stock here, even just below

          • @the INFIDEL: Try Sydney nothing. Also Big W doesn't post interstate

            • @neonlight: Your inaccurate claim was No stock anywhere!!

              Big W doesn't post interstate
              Only available for C&C here for over an hour.
              (Delivery was from $7.90 which makes it expensive - unless you were brodening it.)

              Like all Deals - best to get in early.
              Arriving almost 2hr after a popular Deal is posted… expect problems.

        • Bankstown

    • Someone broden it
      Rubbish! Nearly 9000 clicks & going, with many making multiple purchases… And yet stock is still available.

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    Got this for my son a couple of years ago through Amazon - was about $40 at the time. Was about the only kid-oriented fitness band which includes a heart rate monitor. Does it's basic jobs pretty well - time, HR, steps; lasted a couple of years, which was pretty good given how brutal kids can be. The app is utter trash (crashed most of the time for me), but is required to sync the time to the watch, which can be infuriating if the time drifts off. The app is supposed to have some goal type things (in amongst the Milo advertising), if you can get it to work, and if you are happy with your child on a device.

    FWIW, the device is the same as one the Singapore government commissioned as part of a whole-country fitness incentivisation scheme, which is pretty interesting (I think their latest covid-tracking system involved a small physical device/beacon instead of a smartphone - they seem to know how to procure cheap electronics for the national good)

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      Milo promo discusses the benefits of gamification for health benefits using this band.

      UTAS ran a free course teaching this idea & provided a free Fitbit to experiment with. Some Ozbargainers (myself included) took up the course offer.

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        Oh, I think it's a great idea, just the app sucks in practice. Also, kind of contradictory given that Milo is basically sugar, and this is effectively an ad that your kid wears on their wrist all day.

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          Cadbury did a similar smart band promotion…
          It's Heart Rate measurement was faked!
          Cadbury refused to reply to my many complaints of deception in their campaign. They only offered a better band they said worked. I told them where it should go!

          Sugar is the common denominator!
          Obesity is the issue that isn't discussed.

          It's pure PR - it's not our corporate responsibility to make our product heathy - its the responsibility of the parents to make children more active….
          Corporate problem solved!

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    Still in stock at sunny coast :)

    • Nice, saw this deal late but looks like I was still able to snag one here :D

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    Just got 3 for pick up at sunshine plaza. Kawana still has stock. :)

  • In Victoria, there's still stock in Bendigo and Wonthagi

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    Using a s10e and I cant get the app to work? Says it cannot connect to the internet, seems to be a common issue judging by the reviews on the playstore page. Anyone got a workaround?

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      Same problem on Android (Moto G7+)
      App cannot connect to the internet
      Same problem for others on Play…

      Although the App setup vid does say to set up Bluetooth on phone & band first!

      So wondering if it is referring to Bluetooth connection (to band)?? Still a problem with Bluetooth on.
      (Yet to pick up band)

      Note: the band has been discontinued
      From Milo: We’ve made the decision to discontinue the band in January 2021, so unfortunately, we there are no more available.
      That may include app support?

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      Without a working app, we can't even change the time - according to reviews on Play! That makes the band almost useless.

      There are old versions of the app online.

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        You need older Android in order for the app to work. I have an old phone running Android 8.0 and it worked fine. You only need to set it once and the time and date should be synced correctly.

        • That's (sort of) good to know it works for you.

          Comment on Play review was it worked on a tablet, which I guessed was using an older Android system.

          BUT… Installed on a 5yr old phone on Android 7.1.1 - still won't "connect to internet", even after Reset!!

          Searching… Found a few ancient phones on Android 4.4.2 - too old for app. Run out of old Android phones…

          Seems I'm out of luck!
          So can't set up band.

        • Found a phone on Android 8.1…
          Still get internet connection message😣

          Tried phones on different Android OS.
          Doesn't seem OS has effect on this app. Likely due to another reason.

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            @the INFIDEL: Just want to say I ran into the same problem with multiple device.

            Ended up with a solution on android. When first prompted select country. Select Vietnam and you should be able to sign up for an account. (Probs diff server)

            Everything will turn into Vietnamese after that.

            Follow the video
            step by step for translation

            No your vietnam account wont signin to aust account


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              @mikkim4eva: Wow, changing country works! A simple solution. And a pleasant surprise.

              But easier for me when set to NZ!
              (I missed a step to set up band in Vietnamese - to enter code shown on band screen, so it didn't sync. Wiped data & started again in NZ.)

              Needed to clear app data in Settings first, as had been set to Oz. Otherwise choice of country isn't available.

              After sync with band (choose user, click band activity, & sync band), time & date are now correct🎉

  • Didnt need one, ordered No more stock for click and collect anymore, hopefully they fill orders by time and it doesnt get cancelled!

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    I'm booking a flight 1 in outback WA .

  • Thanks OP. Ordered one a few hours ago and got a text just then saying it’s ready for pickup.

  • Do you Charge everyday?

  • Thanks ordered 2.

  • It says we can’t find that product.
    Even last night the website was not loading.

  • Can double as an exhaust for a Civic

  • Anyone actually used this smart band long term? How well does it work?

  • My Order has been cancelled :(

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    I received a phone call from BigW Bonnyrigg. There was none in stock,it was an IT glitch.

    • BS they were to slow to fulfil the order

  • Just received email confirmation that my order is ready for pickup….now if only we werent in lockdown ….

  • Ordered last night, was cancelled overnight.

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    Ordered 4 from Jesmond this morning at 7:42am… just got the email to come and pick them up.

    • +1

      Got 2 from Jeso myself.

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    Refunded : We are emailing you to let you know that we are unable to supply the below item/s as they were unavailable at the time of processing your order.

    • yep, got the same here too

  • Interesting fact: when I checked the order status this morning, it is said "Cancelled", but I received no email notification for it. I recreate another order to be picked up at another branch, once done, I received an email said that it has been "Tax Invoice" and then "Ready to be collected". Checked the status again, it is now said "Ready to Collect". Hmm, I may have 2 now.

  • I got 3 from Mount Hutton NSW, the woman before me walked away with 6.

    I'd say they're outta stock by now though, they said they were flying out the door

  • Do these ever show "full" on a charge? I've been charging mine for hours and it's still going. Surely it can't take hours to charge up.

    EDIT: Ha! Nevermind, moments after I posted this it is now fully charged.

  • The app won’t go pass the entering a passcode,
    So how can I use the band if the app doesn’t work ?????

    • +1

      Worse here, it keeps telling me theres no internet

      • I think all us ozbargainers have been suckered into buying something useless! Unless someone can find a solution to this.

        • Just sent them a fb message, we'll see. Lol

        • Easy solution the bin .

        • Mine seems to have connected up without any problem but I have read the internet thing plagues many. (Huawei P30 Pro, fully updated)

    • The app did not work on my S21, same "no internet" issue with everyone else.
      I have an old S7 lying around, tried that and it worked like a charm. It has Android 8.0, you only need to set it up once and the time and date will sync correctly.
      Unless you want to track all the activities, otherwise you probably do not need the app anymore.

    • App issue was discussed last night

      Report that it works on older Android systems, but not on 7.1.1 or 10 for me.

      Comment on Play review was it worked on an Android tablet, which I guessed was an older Android system. Review stated working on an iOS.

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    The band is nice enough but seems to be a common issue with the app, at least on android, where it wont connect to the internet so you cannot use it. Havent been able to find a fix.

    • Is there a way to set it up at all without the app? Happy to just have it as is as a toy.. but thinking of returning it, its still unopened. Or just keep it for the milo lol

    • +1

      Check my reply above, you need an older Android phone to use the app. Once set up, you should not need to run the app anymore.

      • Can confirm the app worked with and an older Android 9 phone. Didn't work with my Android 11.
        Also on another note Milo has an expiry date of May 2022 I picked up from SA store.

        • Anyone have a solution for iOS ? I tried an old iPad and new iPhone - both don’t work for the app.

      • Managed to find an old phone and get the app working but of course now the phone wont detect the bluetooth from the band. Turned the bluetooth off and on again on the band but nothing.

      • Tried App on Android 8,9,10 phones - none connect.

        Bluetooth can find & pair with band, but can't set time without the app working!
        So is useless for time & keeping track in app.

        • Installed on a Moto G6 Plus on Android 9 set up and paired up fine.

          • @chadiwrx: Tried on Moto G4 (A7.1.1), Moto G7 plus (A10) & Telstra 4GX (A8.1) etc - App repeatedly failed to connect to internet to set up.

            My guess is there is something else stopping it connecting for many others complaining in 1 star Play reviews.
            Almost all comments for over a year on Play complain of this issue. Nestle responded a few times since Feb 2020 but problem persists.

  • Is there a way to turn Bluetooth on the band?

    • It was already on I think when I was flicking through the screens

      • My brain freeze. I meant turn it off. Yes, it is on by default.

        • I don't think you can turn off unfortunately

        • +2

          Yes you can! On the Bluetooth screen, press and hold the menu (round) button, it should turn off in a few secs

  • received a call the order been cancelled

  • +3

    Fitness tracker works fine so far (iPhone 12). 4 year old likes it (it was for him). Milo still tastes good (both agree). Not sure what everyone expected for $5?

  • Thanks OP. Just collected my order of two. Milo use by is March 2022.

    • Mine is the same date, it’ll be gone long before then in this house.

  • Received SMS 30min before store opened this morning - ready to collect.

    Given the major connection issue identified last night (app can't connect to internet) I've waited before picking up to see if this is resolved.

  • Still showing in stock in a few stores around Brisbane! Possibly elsewhere. Stock may not exist of course. Check with store / place order.

  • Picked up some for the kids tonight and all the milo tins are dated march 2022 which was a bonus.

  • Got my notification late yesterday, picked it up this morning.

    Heard the ladies commenting and talking to each other when it was brought out that these things have been selling like crazy, and that apparently 47 of them had sold from this store alone :O

  • In case u want to get rid of one pls pm me, preferably in Sydney metro area

  • can I use a different band? cause it a bit small for me

    • You can providing you find it. The problem is they probably made it to suit just this one. 3d printer is a better option.

  • Is anyone having issues charging the band? I can’t seem to charge it anymore. Worked fine for first 2 charge cycles.
    Tried cleaning up the connectors but no luck.

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