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[eBay Plus] Winter Windproof Face Mask Balaclava $1.99 Delivered @ Ausriver eBay


One size fits all, high elasticity, not tight
Suitable for most people our neck scarf / face mask is designed for universal
Warm fleece material
Windproof Lycra fabric
High elastic reinforced edge
LOGO reflective design
Breathable and sunscreen
Moisture wicking
No obstruction to breathing
Durable: can be washed

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    You got the wrong code

    Thanks for spotting, fixed.

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      Also have to change the Original Coupon Deal link

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        Haha, thanks to you too. Fixed.

    • how many times can we use the code?

      is the code only 1 time use for only 1 item?

      or code can be used on many items as long as the item is different?

      • From the original deal post

        First 8000 redemptions. Single use code.

  • Code deosn't work for me

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      Have eBay plus?

      • +14

        Oops…(looks down, kicks stone).

  • Would this be appropriate for the snow? or the fleece lining won't be?

    • -1

      The ad have a photo of a person skiing…without the mask ;-)

    • +1

      bank robber

    • I wouldn't recommend as fleece freezes at (relatively) high temperatures. Definitely worth finding something with marino instead.

  • I get a “you haven’t reached your minimum order total” error for this code. I tried ordering two - it didn’t change.

    • Did you use the code SPORTS60, or the earlier one I put in by mistake?

    • I can’t remember but when I used Sports60 again it said already used. The penny dropped I bought something else from the same supplier and used it.

  • Good to know that this one is "breathable and sunscreen".

  • +1

    A must have for professional bank robbers

    • and covid protesters

      • +1

        anonymous mask would be better

  • i saw this hours ago but just thinking would it be weird wearing this on the street ?

    • Depends how you are wearing it. If on your face and it's cold out I can't see how it would be weird.

      • depends…are you going inside a shop or petrol station?

        I reckon lots of people including the shopkeeper will start thinking if you are about to rob the place..

        at least with facemask it is more common accept thing nowadays..
        but not many people will be wearing this..

    • I’ve seen food delivery drivers and stuff wearing them

    • +1

      i wear a neck gaiter just about all the time when cycling. not just to protect from UV and stay a little warmer at night but to keep the moths out of my mouth/nose and block out the wind noise a little.

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    Excellent, thanks Op!!! Ordered. Just in time, it's starting to get cold commuting on the bike…

    • +1

      Seems can only be used once!??

      • Code is one use.

        • so if we buy this.. and another different deal comes
          we can't use code anymore?

          • @pinkybrain: If that's another sports promotion from today, no… unless you have another eBay Plus account.
            But as the original deal post stated

            First 8000 redemptions. Single use code.

            So, code may run out while you wait ;-)

    • starting??? its freezing… (slow brain didn't realise you might not be in Melbourne lol..)

      • BrisVegas baby. A short winter, but WINTER.

        I even had to charge my heated glove batteries this week…..

        • heated.. what? where do I get one of those??!

          • @lawyerz: Got mine from Ebay as the ones at my local bike accessories store are around 4 hungie bucks!!!
            The only problem is mine are xxl - so way too big for my paws, but I live with that as they are WARM as fck.

  • -1

    11.99 not 1.99

    • +2

      1.99 not 11.99

    • +3

      Maths ain't your thang

      • nah just checked its for ebay plus members. us peasants only get 11.99

  • +1

    Thanks. Ordered one

  • +1

    Thanks, I think I'll wear this while cycling.

    • That’s my intention.

  • Logo seems as silly as random chinese characters tattooed on someone's body

  • +2

    Dont need it, but i bought it anyway

  • Nice good stuff been freezing riding my bike.

  • Got one. Thanks OP.

  • What's the best way for an ex-plus member to rejoin??

    • +1

      There is monthly membership now.

      • Oh touché!

  • +1

    Got one. Been running at night. While the rest of me is warm, my nose has been blocking up because it's so cold. This may possibly be the solution.

  • +1

    Thanks OP. This will be perfect for my motorcycle.

  • Still shows $16.99 for me after code SPORTS60 is used, there is a discount for multiple order but surely it''s not $1.99

    Am i missing anything???

    • Have you already used the code on a cheap torch? ;-)

      • Nahh, never seen or used that code before!!

        • You do have eBay Plus right?

          • @Buy2Much: couple years ago but since cancelled, hence no ebay plus!!

            • +1

              @twofoursix: Then that's why. This is an eBay Plus code (see prefix in title). I have been getting a lot of cheap and freebies on eBay Plus this year. Check your inbox, they'd regularly send you offers for $30 or $50 vouchers for signing up.

              • @Buy2Much: Gotcha!! my bad, thank you and will check the inbox for updates.

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    Many thanks OP. Need one for cycling nowadays.

  • +1

    I’ve been dying to buy one of these since I played Red Dead Redemption:

  • +1

    awesome thanks OP. Got a dririder full balaclava too tight on the head. this should be good worse case use as neck warmer

  • Seem to be all gone :(

    "Unfortunately, this code no longer works. Please continue with your order."

  • Looks like the code stopped working :(

    • +3

      Looks like they reached the code quota of 8000.
      Guess the code has been ozbargained.

  • damn, wanted for cycling, too slow

    • Me too.

  • It looks cool. Kinda like something a soldier would wear (I think I'm playing too much of Modern Warfare)

    • more like a terrorist

      why would a soldier wear this vs full military gear?

  • -1

    Perfect for that occasion when someone needs to rob a bank. 😝

  • damn, i want something like this for cold morning walks… anyone got any good alternatives for cheap?

    • -2


    • There's still some very cheap options ($7-$20) out there, if your need outweighs your budget.

      • Don't mind spending money if it's good quality, not sure any of them would work with glasses anyway

      • I'm after a decent one, any suggestions?

  • +1

    This is one of my worst purchases. It is so tight on you, is unbreathable, you feel constricted. I am wondering if I'm able to lodge for a refund.

    • I put it on, so tight it leaves a mark around my head, requesting a refund

      • Yep same here. Which method are you going through to refund for a refund and your reasons?

      • Did you get a response from them? They said if I'd like a full refund, they'd like me to give them a review on their page. In other words, giving a false statement.

      • One of the crappest product I have ever received. Return at buyers expense……….. I wonder if i get the full amount back or only the amount I paid (excluding the coupon).

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