Front Load Washing Machine - Samsung AddWash 8.5kg or Bosch Series 8 8kg

Hey all,
Just wanted to know if anyone had any thoughts between the two above washing machines - both comparable prices and features and have pretty good reviews. Anyone got any insights?

Or did anyone have another comparable suggestion?

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    Samsung AddWash 8.5kg
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    Bosch Series 8 8kg


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    Ymmv but bosch warranty was not fantastic in my experience. In addition The manual for serie 8 dryer was lacking at best.

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    Just bought a Hisense washer and dryer (separate) HV is doing a sail until the 31. - $2000 total delivered - they look awesome but cant comment yet - was comparing to the LG's but saved $1000 with Hisense


  • Loving the Bosch series 8 machine, I hated the Samsung i was using previously (mainly due to the annoying sound at the end of the wash). The Bosch runs a lot more quieter and also cleans better than the Samsung IMO.

  • Have a samsung - pure garbage, doesnt wash the clothes. Cant wait for it to catch fire.

  • Samsung top loaders kept catching on fire. I'd go with bosch.

    • Mine is front load. Still caught fire 🔥 . Will try Bosch this time.

  • All I know is LG causes water hammer and destroys your pipes. Save yourself from months of grief.

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