Tailored Suit in Sydney - Any Recommendations

Looking to get a tailored tux in Sydney.

Budget is ~600-800$ range for a 2 piece.

Any recommendations for tailors?


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    • +1 for InStitchu

  • There is a bloke at Martin Place station (sole shop at the top of the escalators above the station entrance). He has been in business for years (previously located in Macquarie Street) and has been known to have tailored suits for current and former Prime Ministers and other politicians. Not sure about pricing, however in the current environment he might be worth a go.

  • i want a tailored suit too, but with a smaller budget than billy "money bags" brown.

  • Not much choice in that price range, I can only think of instichu or M.J.Bale (which I don't think is full tailored anyway…I know they do OTR with adjustments).

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    For that budget you won't get a tailor made suit, at least not a good one.

    Woolcott st, Black Label, Institchu and others will take measurements, send them to an offshore factory where it will be made, then come back here for a final fitting and alteration. Been a while since I looked at their pricing but I think $800 will just cover it. The suits are fine but definitely not the same standard as a suit made from scratch by a skilled tailor.

    MJ Bale is a decent bet for an OTR suit, especially with EOFY sales on the horizon. A good suit with a bit of tailoring will be just as good as tailor-made unless you have particularly unusual proportions.

  • What about online tailored suit providers? I don't know of any myself, but a fellow I know (who is very wealthy) swore by it. I cannot remember how much he was spending, but it was not shocking. Basically as I understood it, he would measure himself up with a kit of some sort and then just select what he wanted in terms of fabric and cut. These suits were really nice, I believe he was getting them from Hong Kong or something.

    Surely someone here has a recommendation of an online suit maker?

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