[eBook] Free - Sesame Street Autism Children's Book (A Little Bit Different, A Little Bit The Same) @ Amazon


I was searching for children's books about autism and stumbled across this free Sesame Street book that was published recently.

A Little Bit Different, A Little Bit the Same: https://www.amazon.com.au/Little-Bit-Different-Same-ebook/dp...

If you want a couple more free autism Sesame Street books like this one, there is also the following two, as mentioned in a previous post: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/623770

We're Amazing, 1, 2, 3!
Family Forever: A Julia Storybook

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    That's a really nice book to give away for free, good find!

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    Julia's story is one of the better told, Autism positive ones out there. Nice find.

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      I guess we are not counting The Rosie Project?


    At a glance I thought I saw 'Adult Children's book' and got very confused.

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    On Autism
    Didn't understand the potential consequences of having Autism, despite being around people with it. It affects people differently.

    Neighbour's adult son with Autism died recently. Because of his severe difficulty with communicating & feelings, he was unable to explain he was in pain. By the time it was apparent there was a medical problem & he was rushed to hospital - it was too late.

    The autopsy showed he had suffered for a long time.
    Devastating for his family.
    Very sad.

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      That's heavy for early morning…must be so incredibly difficult to deal with those emotions for all those close to him (not to mention his own silent suffering).

      oh man

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        Yes, considered if I should add this potential sad aspect of the difficulty in communicating. I'm still upset by it.

        Autism didn't cause the illness, but made communicating the necessary information early a real problem.

        Only found out yesterday while talking with his brother. He said he had migraines, so we chatted about the possible cause…
        Understandable he has anxiety & depression - receiving treatment.

        Hadn't seen the family lately. Expect his Mother will be devastated after years of caring for Josh. Will pop over with some flowers from my garden.

        Something extra to be aware of for those caring for a person with severe Autism or communication difficulties. Best discussed with your GP or specialist.

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          Thanks very much for sharing. All my best to the family, from a stranger on the internet.


            @andresampras: Thanks for your thoughtful words.

            I usually tell others (including very successful people) there can be an upside to Autism. A lot can be learnt from a different point of view, a fresh approach.

            It can be inspiring how people can find abilities from what most would only see as disabilities. A lesson for all of us!

            Temple Grandin is a wonderful hero to me. She observed her own Autism & discovered new ways of looking at things around her. She now takes that to the world, bringing a change in thinking & animal husbandry.

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    A little bit different, a little bit the same and a whole lot of Minecraft.