Cheap Drinks (Alcoholic) in The Brisbane Area

I was wondering if any one had any to add to the list especially for Saterday.

$3 basics @ the RE on Wednesdays (mother+vodka $3 also)
$3 basics @ the Vic on Thursdays
$4 basics @ Fridays on Thursdays
$3 basics @ Rics on Fridays 7-9
$1 shots, $2 cocktails, $3 basics @ gilhooleys (chermside) 9-10 and 11-12 Fridays.
3$ cocktails @ port office 10-11pm and 7$ jaeger bombs all the time on Fridays.
$5 basics $4 schooners @ grand central hotel on sat nights
$3 basics @ the Chalk on Sundays
$3 basics @ the fox on Sundays
$3 basics @ fat louies everyday 5-7

$1 cups of goon at the shire (west end) when they are open


  • Add The Normanby Hotel weekend specials:
    Friday - 4 drinks & pizza for $14.95 4-8pm (Basic spirit, wine,tap beer, soft drink)
    Saturday - 4 vodka & mix + an eye fillet or grilled bara for $19.95 (food 12-3pm or 6-9pm)
    Saturday - 3 scooners of cider or 3 coronas + 400grm rump for $19.95 (food 12-3pm or 6-9pm)
    Sunday - 4 coronas or 4 vodka & mix + roast, veg and gravy for $14.95 (food 12-5pm)
    1 Musgrave Rd Red Hill Brisbane. Enjoy!

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    Anyone know any Gold Coast deals?

  • there used to be "happy hour" website in melbourne that had all the deals and with a map so you could basically plan your pub crawl. but that was 8 years ago and I htink it is gone, but my point is they may have had one for brisbane as well.

  • $4 Basics, $10 Jugs @ The RE on Sundays

    Can we update the original post with new specials. This is a resource that would be highly used and has been long needed!

  • Anyone got any updates for this thread? Drinks specials on sundays?

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    The Brewhouse (the old Clarence Corner Hotel opp the Mater) Mondays 9pm til close $5 pints $10 jugs free pool. Dining deals every night of the week. Love their all day Sunday roast with Yorkshire Pud and dessert and a boutique beer for $16.

  • Sundays - the vic has $4 basics, $9 jugs of carlton dry, $3 nachos and $3 steak (plain).
    Thursdays - the vic has $9 jugs of carlton dry.

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