Perfect Case for AMD Ryzen 9 and AIO 360 Water Cooler


I am looking for the perfect case for AMD Ryzen 9 (Zen 3) and AIO 360 Water Cooler with standard ATX motherboard.

After I have done some research I decide to buy ENTHOO EVOLV X GLASS case. However I am at Western Australia and the case only can get it from east states and only supply by pccasegear or mwave. Both of them have around $80 for the shipping. The total cost will be around $400 including delivery. I really don't want to spend so much cost for shipping.

Anyone can give me suggestions for alterative case which is good as ENTHOO EVOLV X then I might can get it from local suppliers?



    East coast, I know you shakin right


    Maybe try Amazon, though you may need to order it from Overseas to get it at a cheaper price?