Uber Eats Offering $300 Bonus for Completing 20 Deliveries

I noticed today in the Uber Eats app if you sign up and complete 20 deliveries as a driver before 31 July 2021 they will give you a bonus $300.

Wondering if it is worth doing it just for the bonus then stopping.. Even if you only made $5 per delivery and it took you 10 hours to do 20 deliveries, that's $400 for 10 hours of work.

Also how does tax work with uber eats do you receive the full amount upfront and pay tax at the end of the financial year? If so you could do this in July and not have to worry about paying tax until the end of the following financial year.

Any thoughts?

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    It’s going to take way more than 10hours to get started as an Uber eats driver, as per link provided by xuqi

    If you’re not intending to become an Uber eats driver other than for this incentive I wouldn’t bother.


    I would do it


      That's what she said.

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        and thats what I said too?


    I would assume that as a Contractor, you get paid in full, then have to declare the amount to the ATO, and pay tax.
    General rule is put a 1/3rd aside in a separate account, for this purpose.


    Do they make you purchase lots of crap like the bag to carry the food in?


    find the cheapest item - get uber pass - deliver to next door - 20 times