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Up to 50% off (e.g. Lemon Pure Essential Oil $9.50), $0 Shipping over $20, 10% Cashrewards Cashback @ Eco Modern Essentials


Eco Modern Essentials sell essential oils, carrier oils, diffusers, etc. Right now they're having a stocktake sale, a lot of their products are 20%-50% off. 30% off is common with them, and best value in my opinion is in their value kits.

My picks are:

Outback Trio, $12.00: https://ecomodernessentials.com.au/collections/essential-oil...

Reef Trio, $15.00: https://ecomodernessentials.com.au/collections/essential-oil...

Jojoba Carrier Oil (95mL), $16.00: https://ecomodernessentials.com.au/products/jojoba-carrier-o...

Some people claim that various oils have medicinal properties, they're also good for making personal care products like body scrubs, and burning in oil burners to make your house smell nice.

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    How are these compared to doterra?


      I’m not too sure sorry, I only use them as scents, but they have some info on their website about ingredients and sourcing and the like.


        Do you use them in a diffuser? They go well?


          I’m going to put them in an oil burner, so not too sure on this either sorry


          I use them in a diffuser and found them pretty good. I dont have anything to compare them to though.


    How do these compare to Dusk?