WAHL Clean & Smooth Precision Detailer (in Store) $1 (Original Price $39.99) @ Shaver Shop


Included is a precision trimming head as well as an eyebrow guide for optimal control of hair removal. Our hygienic steel blades can be rinsed under running water, making the clean-up quick and easy for you! Only one AAA Battery is needed to operate the trimmer which is provided in the pack.

Stainless-Steel Design
1 X AAA Battery included
1 Precision Trimming Head
1 Eyebrow Guide
Removes unwanted hair without nicking or pulling
Great for travelling or storing in your handbag
Rinseable attachments for easy clean

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  • +2 votes

    store in title pls

  • +2 votes

    It is also only in-store. There is no store availability checking either.


    These look the same as I’ve bought (a few of) on AliExpress. If so, they work very well, but don’t last long. I’d like to try the Shaver Shop version in hope of longer life, but I won’t drive 40mins each way in the hope they have stock. Any way to see which stores have stock?


      Call the store?


        For a $1 item, I'm too shy


      I'm in similar position as you an hour drive each way and don't want to call store for holding stock if any.

      Sound good for $1 though.

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    GF got this deal via email, she then went to Spencer street store in Melbourne near southern cross station.

    More than 15 were in stock around 11.30 this morning.