Apple May Have Accidentally Confirmed The Existence of an M1X MacBook Pro


  • Although they didn't announce the new Macbooks at WWDC, it's still highly likely they will still be announced soon (Probably before the September iPhone event) as there are just too many credible rumours from the likes of Nikkei and Bloomberg.

    The Nikkei rumour is particularly relevant to why there was no announcement as they said chip production only started in April and would only become available in July at earliest, so I don't think Apple would want more then a month between the announcement and the delivery of new systems. Also WWDC had a lot of announcements itself with a new iOS and MacOS, so they probably didn't want to crowd its show with a major redesign of the Macbooks.

    As the Macbook design is a major overall, i'm expecting a stand-alone event.

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    Why would it be an accident, i think they would have vetted each slide before approving it, it was not recoreded live

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    "accidentally"… Or AKA: Apple marketing 101.

  • I never assumed the M1 would be their last processor…

  • This is not news, they said they were waiting for M1X to release M1 14 and 16 inch months ago in November 2020