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Bailey BXS20 (FS13644) 2.3-4.5m Multipurpose Ladder $288 in-Store @ TotalTools & Bunnings


An excellent ladder. This style of ladder is apparently safer than extension or folding ladders due to the locking mechanism.
Lowest usual price is $308-$309. EOFY sale at Total tools, so $288 now. Bunnings has moved to pricematch (special order) so also at $288.
The comparable model from Gorilla is the MM15 (UP $295) (cheapest it gets is when Bunnings has the $50 trade-in for old ladders).

(Description from total tools website)
135kg Load weight capacity.

  • Adjust height quickly with spring loaded ‘J’ locks
  • Adjust angle positions easily with soft touch push knobs
  • Industrial duty rated, designed for use on industrial work sites
  • Wide flared bottom for firm support and stability
  • Anti-slip feet for added safety and stability
    Ideal for the tradesperson or serious DIY requiring the benefits of one of the most versatile ladders on the market.

Converts into four different configurations, a double sided step ladder, a single straight ladder, two individual trestles and a telescopic adjustable ladder.

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    Any recommendations for a 5-6m ladder?


    Also looking for recommendations for a new ladder. Are these any good?

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    these ladders are good. but you may find them very heavy to move around.


      True. Best to know as much as possible before deciding. I'm using it for home/DIY, so I value something not too light that might topple. Some of the extension style ladders are really light especially when made of aluminium. For me, safety won out. Tradies would probably know better.
      For anyone interested - Bunnings usually has the Gorilla MM15. You may find a store near you where they have display sets that you can test. I tried carrying in its folded form, extending to max height, pulling them out into trestles etc.I felt comfortable using it. A Total tools store near me had the Bailey BXS20 on display. The weight of the Bailey was marginally lighter (on paper) but in reality, it didn't seem much different.


        I also have the BXS20. Agree with your comment about the weight. It's quite a hefty beast compared to the regular extension ladders.


    when does bunnings have $50 trade ins?


      I think the last time I saw it was Feb/Mar 2021. It was for Gorilla ladders. If you search the deals, there're similar posts about it in the past (2019, 2020).

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    I've had this ladder for about two years (I just use it around the home, am not a tradie so take my comments with a bar of soap).

    - Sturdy - 135 load weighting capacity as mentioned by OP. It feels solid
    - Versatile - if you're using it around the home, you can probably use this for all use cases instead of having to buy multiple ladders.
    - Locking mechanisms are idiot proof… well im sure you could screw it up if you tried lol. But they've designed the locks so they don't accidently come lose / unlock
    - Great for stepped environments - is a dream when wanting to use on things like steps or uneven surfaces, as you can adjust one side of the ladder to compensate.
    - You can kind of see it in the picture but eh base of the ladder angles out so it's more stable when folded out
    - Folds down to a really compact size - good for storage

    - Biggest con is the weight - it is a heavy ladder compared to single purpose ladders. Could be a deal breaker if you're constantly moving it around
    - Spring loaded J locks can be a bit finnicky sometimes… i think this is an issue with all multipurpose ladders in general, not just this one. But the pros outweigh this IMO.

    I looked at the Gorilla multi purpose ladders and found this one felt a bit sturdier / higher quality, but could be just me.

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    What is a good light 6m ladder? Bunnings and tools didn't have anything so that light but sturdy… Yes I know sturdy and light don't go together but a sparky had one and was easier to use… Just forgot to ask him…


      I bought this:
      It feels sturdy when extended, but you need two people to move it into position when it is fully extended to 6.9m.
      Made of aluminium it weighs 14kg, but because of its length, it would be a battle for only one person.

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      get a carbon fibre one


    Does anyone one this one? FS13908 Is it alright? How is the triple extension?


    Had mine since this deal

    Great ladder, still works as well as the day I bought it.

    Just heavy like everyone has previously said.


      Look at that price. I never knew ladders were an investment.


        only a 5% annual return