I Was Offered Cash Instead of Store Credit When Trading in at EB Games - I Thought That They Only Offered Store Credit?


I was under the impression that EB Games only offers store credit for trade-ins. It's been like that for a long time. I brought in a few items that I don't use anymore and the staff member asked if I wanted store credit or cash. I said cash. I tapped my card and the funds came in instantly.

Anyone else been offered cash instead of store credit or is this a new thing?

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    Store credit is 20% more.

    Or rather, if you take cash you get less.

    • I don't think so any more - I assume because of Covid. I traded in a few games recently, and was told that it would be the same amount if I went cash or credit. I checked the receipt afterwards, and ended up getting my +10% trade in credit (only level 2 at the time), and that amount was how much I got put back onto my card.

      So for example (and I can't remember the exact prices without checking the receipt), I traded in a game worth $12. My trade in bonus is +10%, making it $13.2, and that's how much I got back with cash.

      Edit: reading some of the replies, I should also mention I'm in Brisbane

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    Its not a new thing its always been credit is 20% more, but they don't always mention cash tradein as they make more from credit trade in.

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    Different laws in each state. Some states they aren't allowed to give cash

  • What state are you in?

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    Last time I trade, I was told it is the same amount (cash vs credit). This was in SA.
    Not sure if it has changed recently

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      Yeah same for me in Vic. Was no different Cash vs Credit. This was about 3 months ago.

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    In Queensland store credit and cash is the same now

  • You are not penalised anymore for trading in towards cash/ card refund as opposed to a credit in store trade.


    • Thanks. Since when was this a thing?

      • Mid 2020 it became a thing and has just stuck with us.

        Similarly that we've stopped taking iDevices and Mobiles.

    • Can I cash in a gift card/store credit?

      • Gift card unfortunately not.

        If you have store credit currently placed on a pre-order or laybuy, you may be able to cash it out, I'd check with your local.

        • Ah cause they put my store credit on a gift card instead… no worries thanks!