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[VIC] Guiness Draught Cans 4x440ml $6.99 @ ALDI, Ringwood


Guinness draught cans 4x400ml $6.99 normally $9.99 I believe from memory.

Not in catalogue or on their crappy website so unsure if it's state wide or just a store special.

Receipt: https://i.imgur.com/esKcRiq.jpg

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  • Is this only Vic?

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    Nothing like a warm pint of guiness by the electric heater on a cold winter night :)

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      Nothing cosier than hanging in the Manly mansion

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    I like to keep a few of these in the pantry for making beef and Guinness pie. Recently tried making pie with the Coopers Stout which worked really nice too.

  • Great price.

  • Would you know whether this promotion is only in Victoria or country wide?

  • Don't ever remember seeing Guinness in Aldi. I suspect these were leftovers from St Patrick's Day

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      leftovers from St Patrick's Day

      Tis unlikely.

  • Well what a great takeaway on the way home from work

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    I love Guiness but this stuff is rank - undrinkable

    Australian draught Guiness is not much better.

    • didnt the irish and conan like guiness

      • Err, okay. I think.

  • Any other Aldis in Melbourne doing this?

    • might be good to drop in - but my next visit is sunday - hopefully someones know before then

  • Not available at my local [email protected] Melbourne