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eufy Smart Lock Touch + Wi-Fi $399 Delivered @ Scorptec


Thought I'd share this….. Been looking around for a while and came across this. One of these cheapest I've seen… $399 Delivered.
Possible pickup available IN store NSW/Vic.

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  • Dude you’ve been here since 2012….come on you know the rules. Store and price in title pls.

    • Sorry, this is my 2nd post 😳

      • Yep, he/she/they r allergic to ur work..

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    Eeekkks… $349 @ Supercheap
    Not sure its the same states 'Add On To System Only'

    • Yea not the same

      Good price for the wifi version though

      • My bad

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    Purchased, thanks.
    Was close to buying one of these during the amazon deal a couple weeks back ($419)… Thought I'd missed the boat as they've gone back to $500 everywhere now.

  • My kingdom for one that works with a deadlatch (as opposed to deadbolt) - none in the world exist so far :-(

    • Same here, the only thing that exists is Yale / Lockwood digital deadlatch kit, and it's not smart.

  • Ate these any good? Are they better than the samsung AIO smart handle/lock/deadbolt for $500+?

  • is it easy to install?

    • Seems easy enough… Few vids on YouTube.

      • thank you. Probably not required if you have a security screen door in front? Still need a key for that

    • If I knew it would fit my door and I (suck as a handyman) could do it, wouldn’t hesitate for a second.

  • Looks good, is there one like this but with a camera? Thinking if I'm going to drop $400 on this and if it's wifi then it may as well also have a camera on it?

    • Had a look around and I think I need a video doorbell more than a smart lock 😅

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      Look at the Lockly ones, they have one with a camera.

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    I have the non wifi version of this, have had it for 6 months or so. Very happy with it, solid kit that was easy enough to install.

    Batteries that came with it only lasted about 2 weeks so was a bit worried, but haven't had to replace them again since that.

    Fingerprint works well, very rarely need to use the code (usually only if I've been working outside and hands are filthy etc). Even works well with my 6 year old sons fingerprint.

    The auto lock is my one big bug bear. If enabled, It will auto lock after 3 minutes even if it detects the door is open. Which is very counter productive. I've scheduled auto lock for 1030pm onwards for that reason.

    • Do you have the handle always unlocked then? Im considering this or a samsung all in one (with handle and manual key override) for our main entry door

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        Yup, the handle is just a passage set one, so no lock mechanism.

  • I have the non wifi, non fingerprint version and it has been great. Use it next to the Eufy video Doorbell which is really good too.

  • The reviews on the company almost make me happy to pay the extra $100 at amazon (am buying one for our pedestrian gate). Not entirely glowing reviews to say the least.

    • Of the product or scorptec?

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  • OOS… damn I missed it