Account Closed by Amazon for Raising Delivery Issue

Hi OzBargain Community,

Does anyone here know how to escalate an issue to anyone higher than the "Accounts Specialist" team as my account has recently been cancelled due to me lodging an "item not received" for an order consisting of AirPods and Wrist Straps.

According to their delivery confirmation photos (see the 2 links below) you can see that the order was dispatched via 2 different packages yet the delivery photo is excatly the same. The photo of the package was only for the Wrist Straps and the Amazon driver had delivered this to my neighbours property. Despite trying to raise all this to the Accounts Specialist team my account is still closed and they are refusing to reopen or respond to any of my emails.

Also I have ~$50 worth of gift cards and ~1.5 months of Prime membership on my account which I am no longer able to access.

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    AirPods are one of the most popular products to scam Amazon with a "did not receive" (DNA) trick.

    Maybe they figured you were one of those scammers and just went full throttle and frozen your account.

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      That make sense, however I have tried explaining to them that I am not trying to scam them by explaining that the items were sent via 2 packages yet only 1 package arrived and it should be clear that it was their driver who has stolen the second package as both delivery confirmation photos are excatly the same.

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        I'd suggest that if it was the driver, they'd photograph both packages on the doorstep and then take one back to the van. But then criminals are not always smart.

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      If that's the case, Amazon need to mark these items as "Buy at your own risk. Any claim you make on this item, we'll label you as a scammer"

      • Ahahah if only they had put that on the description before I made the purchase….

  • Send an email to Jeff. It gets escalated to the executive team.

    • I did that last night however no response yet.

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        Give it a few days, I received a phone call 2-3 days later.

        • Just wondering did you receive a call from an Australian number or USA number. Haven't got any phone call or reply to my email yet but guessing it might be due to the weekend or long weekend if its someone from the Australian executive team.

      • Use Alexa, it's faster than email.

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    Initiated a charge back on your card. I'm sure someone will contact you and try to resolve it.

    • Ok will give that a go and see if that resolves it.

      • Still you will lose $50 gift card

        • That’s what I’m worried about to but I guess I would rather getting the $300 back. Lucky in this case I purchased the AirPods via credit card rather than gift card and the gift card was purchased via recent shopback promotions so probably only costed $45 real money

          • @iceshadow: Can you use the gift card in a different account?

            • @FireRunner: I haven’t tested that yet as I only have the one Amazon account

            • @FireRunner: If the balance was applied already to the account: no. If it's still just a bunch of characters in an email somewhere unredeemed; it can be used elsewhere.

              • @MorriJ: Then I guess it won’t work as I’ve already redeemed

                • @iceshadow: Yeah, unfortunately if already added to the account, it's stuck there.

                  I'm always worried about GC balances, but tbh I hadn't heard of Amazon banning due to non-delivery complaints.

                  At the moment I am in a dispute with them over an Amazon US item and a board game. Both parcels are "ready for collection" at my local post office, but aren't there when I go there. Small country town post office; if the parcels were there they would know, not enough room to lose them.

                  They keep pushing for "when the item is returned to Amazon US" after 10 days of being available for collection, I will get a refund.

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    Since they froze your account and refuse to respond to you, your only choice is to charge back the transaction.

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    Have you had many other "not delivered" items?

    • I’d like to know as well.

      Also what is the OP average monthly spending on Amazon.

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        I would say I have only had “items not delivered” 2-3 times max since joining in 2018 and all of these items were ones that have been delivered by their Amazon Flex drivers who would either deliver to the wrong house or just dump on the door without ringing doorbell. Yes I know some people will say this is no different to Aus Post however I would usually use a Parcel Locker however has not been possible since of the Melbourne lockdowns.

        My average monthly spend would vary as this time last year during the peak of the lockdowns I would have probably spent about $100 per month however it might have lowered to about $40 per month now. Also I have been a prime member since 2018

  • I had real problems with a couurier from fastway, they marked as delivered when they werent. I ended up losing 400 and stopped buyng from aiexpress.

    • All items I purchased from AliExpress were sent to my parcel collect address (LPO).

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    Interested to see how this gets resolved.

  • Not saying op is a scammer but its a classic scam. Buyer sees the same photo used for 2 deliveries so claims the other item not arrived when actually been delivered. Dont blame Amazon though as they probably see scammers pulling off this trick all the time.

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      It's one thing to refuse to continue an account when everything is settled but closing an account with a contention in progress and credit in the account is just effd up.

    • I agree with your point/can see this from Amazon’s point of view however I have asked multiple times to their Account Specialist team([email protected]) if someone can please call or address the issues raised in my emails so that we can hopefully resolve this issues fairly for everyone but have not been successful.

  • anyone ever had been able to create multiple amazon accounts?? (FOR BUYING PURPOSES ONLY)

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    So I managed to get a response from someone in Jeff's team who finally unblocked my account (took a few emails as the first person still refused to unblock my account) and have just quickly made $50 worth of purchases to use up my gift card balance. But still no resolution in the missing AirPods so guessing I will have to go down the credit card dispute path.

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      But still no resolution in the missing AirPods so guessing I will have to go down the credit card dispute path.

      Then your account will be back to blocked status and won't be unblocked this time.

      So you need to decide wisely if this is something you want to do.

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        That’s an easy choice.

        Take back the money you deserve! Not even worried about the opportunity to shop at amazon again if that’s how they treat you.

        Not to mention it’s easy as a-z to create a new account lol if you’re desperate to shop there

        • Correct, that's why I quickly used up my gift card balance (perfect timing with Prime Day too) and will just cancel to ensure my Prime membership doesn't automatically renew next month. If I do decide to join up again will just get my gf to create an account

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          There are other things amazon accounts are used for. Books/music/videos/AWS etc.

          So sometimes the account isn't a 'burner' like claimed, if you have content purchased that you wish to access again in the future.

          Mine has AWS services attached to it.

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            @JimmyF: True, but when amazon just decides to cancel it for you for no reason, I’d be careful what you do attach to it. Let this be a lesson

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