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[QLD] Norton Security Premium 5 Devices 1 User 1 Year Subscription $9.95 in-Store Only @ The School Locker, Oxley


Bought this today from School Locker, Oxley QLD store.
Although online price is showing for 3 years subscription. The one I bought today has 1 yr subscription for 5 devices.
I bought it for 9.95 aud

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    Better off with windows defender then this

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      Agreed. You don't need this resource hog with Windows Defender/Security built-in. If anything, get Malwarebytes instead.

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        Malwarebytes is very resource intensive, Kaspersky seems to use less CPU than Windows Defender for me. I use the free cloud anti virus version of Kaspersky. If you buy the full product the extra modules will probably have resource usage bloat for little benefit though, only thing I need is basic AV which the free version covers.


          I find malwarebytes uses very little resources. Bitdefender on the other hand high cpu all the time

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      NORTON SECURITY in itself is a virus.
      Windows Defender out of the box will do the job for free.

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    Check out the Norton Cashback Offer @


      Don't think this product is eligible. In the FAQ you can't find this in the eligible products section

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    I would pay money TO NOT have Norton on my devices


    how recent are the posters with issues on the software? Mine has expired but in all honesty I haven't noticed any sort of significant performance impact as a result of using Norton 360 so I'm interested to hear what the specific use case was that users noticed the slow down so I can try and observe and see if it has impact in my usage scenario. It has mostly just sat in the background and the interface in my experience has been fast. I had it for around 5 years from stacked subscriptions so I'm interested in getting back into the paid subscription at this price but not if the above checks out to be true

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    Norton Security is a very good product:
    Good Antivirus signatures
    Good firewall (Which is more intelligent than the Windows one)
    Good behaviour blocker (SONAR)
    Good file reputation manager (Norton file insight)
    Norton has also recently acquired Avira, which is a big German Antivirus company. When they integrate their Antivirus signatures with Norton's then static detection should improve even more so.
    Personally my major gripe with Norton is that it tries to impose all their toolbars for Chrome and Firefox which I find annoying.
    That said, do you need Norton on a up to date Windows 10 System in 2021. Probably not as MS Defender does a very good job these days.


    Is it genuine website?
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