Need help for code to unlock car radio at Toyota

hi guys, I got flat battery, and now the radio on my car is locked. anyone know the universal code to unlock this radio, my car is toyota corolla. thanks


  • Try contacting the dealer, they should have access to the code

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      cost me $60 - 4 years ago at toyota dealer

      • I had to go to Honda once with the same problem. No charge though. They just have to look up their records. $60 is quite ridiculous.

      • If it cost me $60. Might as well buy new head unit.

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        And you didn't write it down in the log book or manual????

  • I recently had the same issue with my Holden. The 4 digit code was written in my owners manual. Did you try there?

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    this was I how I unlocked my car radio on my Toyota Corolla (2010 model). Save yourself $70 dollars and do it yourself:

    1. Place the ignition switch to “ACC” position and make sure that the power source of the AUDIO system is turned off.

    2. Next, release all the other buttons then press and hold the Seek “^” button and push the Number 1 button. Three underscores: “_ _ _” will appear in the display window.

    3. You can now enter the numbers by pushing Number 1 button for the first digit, Number 2 button for the second digit and Number 3 button for the 3rd digit. Each time you press the button, the number for that digit gets incremented.

    4. After entering the pin number, you need to push the Scan button within 10 seconds to save it otherwise you will need to enter the pin number again.

    The PIN code is usually the last 3 digits of your VIN number. That is usually found on the car's instruction booklet.

    Other sources on the internet say it could also be the last 3 digits of the dealer code or chassis number. But for me, the VIN number got it unlocked. Try the VIN first, and if it doesn't work, try something else.

    WARNING: If you enter the code incorrectly 10 times, you will permanently lock the radio ("HELP" is displayed on screen) — when this happens, you'll need to contact your Toyota dealer for assistance.

    • VIN = Chassis Number (17 digit number on compliance plate)

      • Right, I had assumed the chassis number was somehow different to VIN,.

        • Engine number and VIN number are different.

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          thanks mate, let me try, i don't want spend another $60 like last time.

    • I heard of space shuttles are less complicated to operate :s

    • Works perfectly fine. Saved me time and money!

    • I have a four digit code in my car manual but radio wants a 3 digit code . tried Vin number. No go. Now what?

    • Made an account just to say thank you for the tip! Totally saved me time and money, you're a legend, cheers mate.

  • First thing you need to know is SERIAL CODE from car stereo.

    (See a video on YouTube on how to retrieve code or you have to open car stereo manually or get it done from proff)

    My case stereo wont show up serial number using special codes (pressing 1 and 6)

    SECOND thing:
    Search site which gives you a code to unlock OR
    check with any toyota and they should be able to do for $20-50

    In my case I called one of the honda showroom and I got it for free.

    • i don't want to pay, thats why i want to ask member in here that know how to unlock for free

      • Yes, but why not ask Toyota first?

        • toyota will unlock for the cost, did u read my comment above? I have paid toyota $60 in the past and i don't want to pay another $60, so why i have to ask toyota again?

        • I agree that $60 is a total ripoff.

          You have to ask because right now you are ASSUMING that Toyota will charge you $60.

          If you don't ask, how do you KNOW that they will charge you $60 this time around?

          Just get on the phone and ring a few dealerships, you never know…. it costs nothing to ask, ya know.

        • IN FACT… after a bit of Googling it might well be that you can ask them online…

          And select:

          What is the nature of your enquiry?
          (o) I would like more information about

          Enquiry type = Vehicle

          Topic = Radio Code

          Go on, be a devil… try it!

  • I had the same issue as well after replacing the battery. Contact the Toyota Dealer (from the stamp in the log book) and they keep a computer with a list of all the codes.

    • yeah and they will charge me and i dont want to pay another fee

      • Try different dealers?

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          do u really think they give u for free? dreaming mate

        • do u really think they give u for free?

          yes, if you ask when you book your next service… I'm sure they would accomodate…

      • Were you able to unlock the radio? How did it go?

  • The code should have provided for you free when you bought it brand new. If you lost the card, in my case with Hyundai, they gave me the wrong card! You should call up the dealer, even the sale, they "should" provide one free of charge to you. If all else failed, buy a new system with usb mp3 is not a bad choice!

  • Here is how I done for my OCT 2012 Toyota Corolla Ascent Sedan :

    1. Car Key in ACC position.
    2. Press and hold "Track" and "1" together. It will show "Enter code : ——-"
    3. Enter the last 5 digits of your VIN number.
    4. Press "Scan" button, within 10 secs. Wait…
    5. Turn on the car.

    Hooray!! I got it.

    • You realise this post was made 4 years ago?

  • tried to ask the same thing from dealer for my mitsubishi wagon 2001 last year , and its free

  • If you had input wrong security code(basically 3 digits),
    Turn ignition to acc
    IF you have the audio unit (38006 ,38009, 38005) with the small colour screen . Hold the no 2 and 5 presets
    (middle preset buttons either side of the screen) in and press the aux/disc button 3 times. the screen goes blue.
    select the "debug" mode at the bottom then select the "version".
    You will be prompted with 2 options press "reset".
    After this operation disc operation mechanism males wierd sounds and goes crazy turn off the ignition and wait 5 secs and turn on again.
    Hurray you can now access your radio without any security code

  • Merged from Need to find a master lock code for car radio?

    Does anyone know the master lock code for the Corolla radio 22816?

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      Just call the dealer

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      Ask the owner.

    • There are no “master” codes. Go to your local dealer with proof of ownership of the vehicle and it should take them about 3 mins to look it up for you.

      • Nope. They can't simply look it up, there is no database with codes like what Ford, Holden, etc. do.

        Toyota radios are not set with a code from factory. The customer can choose if they want to input a code. Some dealers input a code at pre-delivery without telling customers. In the latter scenario, one or two dealers may use the last 3 or 4 digits of the VIN.

        If a Toyota radio requires a code which is unknown or it is locked, it will require removal and plugging into a yellow box that Denso (Fujitsu) Ten provide to dealers in order to clear the code. There is always a cost involved as Denso Ten charge dealers to use the box, in-turn passing it onto customers.

        • This is correct. Toyota audio units are fitted in Australia (at the port), so no radio code is set at the factory or a database.
          Dealers will always charge you a fee to unlock the radio (they simply reset it) and that charge can vary from dealer to dealer. If you're the first owner of the vehicle, selling Toyota dealer will reset or provide the radio code for free.

    • some vehicle companies are reasonably quick to find codes but through recent experience some are not, it took Jackson Motor Company just on 3 weeks to get my code from Nissan after a battery change over stuff up and that had to come from Nissan in Korea.

  • Thank you. Toyota mucked me around today and told me they didn’t know the code as they were prohibited by law from keeping it on their records. I know that last time I got a new battery I rang and they gave me the code which turns out was the last three digits of the VIN. This thread saved me $66.

  • I need to try this but there is no display when i press the power button

  • Hello - it's 2021, we've just bought one of these from an auction, will try the suggestions

    Otherwise I'll be shouting the bairn a new head unit tomorrow so she can chat without fines!

    • Last three digits of the VIN confirmed Nov-21

      Cheers to all

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