Should I Get Sony PS-LX310BT or Audio-Technica LP60XBTUSB Turntable?

Both have similar specs and similar prices. But I've heard something about the Sony not having a swappable cartridge. I'm new to vinyl, and I probably won't use it particularly frequently. But I still want to know if one of them is better than the other.


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    The Audio-Technica doesn't have a swappable cartridge either.

    The cartridge is integrated into the headshell for assured performance and ease of setup.

    The Audio-Technica costs more if you wanted Bluetooth. Audio-Technica was well known as a cartridge maker back in the day. The Sony is much better looking. Both seem reasonable choices.


    Any reason why you want Bluetooth?

    I thought I would, but then I thought I might as well listen through my headphones on Spotify.

    My vinyl is for playing through speakers. But it's down to you that's just me.


      I didn't initially. But then I found out that bluetooth turntables are a thing. and suddenly my brain decided I must have it, just in case…