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[PC] Steam - Free - Cat Burglar: A Tail of Purrsuit (was $5.99)/OESE (was $4.49)/Grass Cutter: Mutated Lawns (was $1.29) - Steam


Some more great games that used to cost money but are now free to play. All three games are highly rated and look pretty good. OESE reminds me quite a bit of FTL.
In fact, Grass Cutter still costs money on both PS4 and XB1 so count yourself lucky to be playing on PC. ;-)

Grass Cutter: Mutated Lawns: https://store.steampowered.com/app/589420/Grass_Cutter__Muta...

OESE: https://store.steampowered.com/app/485600/OESE


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  • +21 votes

    Nice to see more games in my price range

  • +4 votes

    thanks for your post !
    it ended up costing me money though. i saw some stuff on sale while grabbing my freebies.
    Gabe wins again….


    DLC city


    Nice finds. Cat Burglar looks great and free to play..