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[Backorder] ACDC - '74 Jailbreak (Vinyl) - $17.94 + Delivery (Free with Prime/$39 spend) @ Amazon AU


Been this price for about 2 days. Not sure on how many left at this price?

2003 reissue LP on 180gram vinyl. Don't mess with a good thingand ACDC doesn't. The band released this 5song EP of early recordings from 197476 with their late lead singer Bon Scott in 1984. This reissue was waxed in 2003. Four of the cuts are original songs, and they kick in a cover of blues legend Big Joe Williams' "Baby, Please Don't Go" for good measure. This recording was made at the Albert Studios of Sydney, Australia. Bon is singing lead with Phil Rudd, Malcolm and Angus Young backing in full fury. Produced by Harry Vanda, this reissue comes with replicated original artwork on the cover and a new sleeve featuring liner notes and photos. Cut into 180gram vinyl, audiophiles will prefer the sound quality here over the original pressing

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    Sometimes I think I’m not fancy/cultured enough to understand the draw of vinyl in 2021. I won’t dispute this is a good deal though.


      Some repressings are certainly not fancy at all lol

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      think I’m not fancy/cultured enough to understand the draw of vinyl in 2021

      I grew up with vinyl (yes I am that old) for the home and tapes in cars I have zero idea why anyone interested in either. Some things from yesteryear were great, coke in bottles, milk in bottles, lots was not, vinyl is one of them, cassette tapes and book are others. I have 256GB of music on my phone, on an SD Card.and 100K books on my PC being managed by calibre and read 3 a week on e-ink reader. I don't have a TV, no time.



        I just literally been through my vinyl collection thats been in storage for the last 5 years. Most of them have only been played once (when transferred to cassette) the stored (yes I'm that old too).

        Love the fold gates and booklets but I have no intention to play and use them.

        I stream everything these days.

        I get the nostalgia and yes the analogue sound is much "warmer" but the whole hassle…..


        Interested to get your experience on Calibre. I'm desperate to find a manager for my kindle collection. Does it work with kindle books and devices? I would prefer an android based manager or something that could work on a kindle but windows is ok if it somehow connects to kindle?

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      Artwork, nostalgia, the fact that the sound won't be the exact same as the previous time you played it.

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      Nice to own something tangible, collect them, and the process of putting on a record is enjoyable. They sound much better too. Same thing with e-books, can't bloody stand them, give me a paper book any day. I do have Spotify but recently begun collecting a few vinyls here and there. I don't pay the ridiculous prices, only pick them up for a few $ each at op shops or markets.


      My internet has been off for a few days, and I can't find my bluetooth speaker to save myself and I don't have an audio adapter for my USB C phone. CDs also gone walkabouts. Could find one Status Quo record so alternated sides for about four hours. As well as the hassle, on older players they don't amplify that well, but it was nice to have something NBN couldn't take away from me!

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    Coming up as $40.12 for me?
    $17.99 for CD format?


      yep it's all over, sorry bud


    I have a few friends that were in Rabbit with Dave Evans.

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    It's back in stock - $17.80