Where to Find LEGO 1x1 Letter Tiles?

I am building a LEGO piano set for a friend. As a gift, I think it will be nice to be able to put my friend's name on it. Does such a thing as LEGO 1x1 letter tiles exist so that I spell the name with them?

What do people usually do in personalizing a LEGO set?



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    Great idea! How about using alphabet stickers on the 1x1 flat tile?


      Agree, like a lot of lego piece that isn’t printed on the tile, LEGO provide the stickers.

      Google up alphabet stickers to suit.


    Try Bricklink. Not sure if what you're after exists but if they do you'll find them listed there.

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    "including 72 alphabet-printed tiles to create messages on the models "

    If they're in a set, you may be able to order the parts individually from Lego?
    Quick search could find the flat tiles only - maybe as someone said order the flat tiles and get some alphabet stickers or even transfers?


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    You can get engraving done on Lego block at the Lego shop.


      Which Lego shop? Googled but couldn't seem to find any.

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    2 dollar Sharpe from Amazon with a steady hand


    If you can wait a month or 2 you can get this from AliExpress.