Do All Office Chair Seats Sink So Badly? & Recommendations for Long-Lasting/Firm Seats

Topic in the title, but essentially, I don't understand why office seats don't have lasting cushioning for their stated warranty periods.

Currently, 9 months on the latest ergonomic officeworks chair rated for 180kg with 8 years warranty weighing 105kg. Just about feeling the hard plywood touching base at this point.

I'm keen to hear your reasons, at this point i can only speculate that:

  1. My mistake was buying from officeworks.

  2. All chairs are made for 70kg humans no matter what.

  3. I need to buy a chair rated double regardless of not coming close to the current rating.

  4. It's normal, deal with it.

Not sure what's up, unless I have to find seats the don't use cushions like this one to not have a hard wood base?

So what's a dude gotta do to get a seat that won't give my tailbone pain by sitting up because the seat foam's giving way to the hard plywood bottom way faster than the warranty period?

I'm open to hearing recommendations for chairs too btw, no matter if it's just chairs with big cushions or special experimental anti-gravity magnetic suspension chairs lol. ideally.


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    Rock solid for over 2 years:

    I don't buy into the 'ergonomic' hype. Unless you have a genuine back problem.

    • Looks about slightly less than what my current one is, but looks deceive, if the cushion is super firm could work, will need to drive to the only Ikea in the entire state to sit on one for testing.

      • Oh it's definitely firm. I would also recommend getting another cheap cushion to put on top and sit on too. Great combo that works well for me for long hours.

      • I have this chair and it was good before covid for working the odd day from home. But over the last year working full time from home i found the chair seat needed more cushioning so bought a chair pad, but I'm also finding the seat back less comfortable too since there's no cushioning - its just a frame with cover, so its just air.
        I'm hoping to see the suggestions here to get a better chair - fingers crossed!

  • I have 2 Officeworks chairs, don't know their name but they cost I think around $150 each about 20 years ago. I still use them, still super comfortable for a whole day sitting.

    • 150 could be 300 now, will check if they updated thier stock.

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    Currently, 9 months on the latest ergonomic officeworks chair

    Dont worry bout it, turn them over each 9 months for a new one

    • What a business model officeworks has if this is what they count on, holy.

      • They probably cost officeworks $20

  • Just stick with mesh

    • only had a mesh back before, how's the mesh seat ones like?

      • i think it depends on the seat shape. some chairs have pointy areas that'll numb certain parts of your bottom after a bit of sitting. though you could put your own pillow or cushion on.

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    I have an reasonably expensive (from what I remember) Officeworks chair from 2005 that's still good. The gas lift has gone but it's the right height for my desk.

    • Haha, my desk is so low, I have to bottom out any chair lift anyway.

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    You get what you pay for (to a point - I would say a good office chair would set you back $500+).

    The mesh on some chairs do stretch as well.

    Perhaps you could buy a memory foam cushion?

    There's also some mixed reviews on the Ergohuman that you linked (I've been doing some research on office chairs for my home office recently).

    Having said that, it's also very hard to give advice about office chairs as everyone is different - some might find a chair very comfortable whilst others might hate it.

    I ended up visiting an office chair refurb business/supplier and tried out a range of chairs from Herman Miller (Mirra, Aeron, Embody), Steelcase (Leap), and Haworth (Zody) - I went with the Haworth Zody. Yeah, I'm shocked that I picked the cheapest chair of the lot (still very expensive though, just not crazy expensive), but that's the one I found most comfortable. So I'd definitely recommend that you try out some office chairs and maybe focus a bit more attention on the seat pan build quality.

    Good luck with your office chair hunt. :)

    • Haha, if they could put a tiny mattress on an office chair, that kind of thickness would actually last the 8 - 10 years my current OW chair falsely claims!

      Honestly, if people could put car seats/sofa seats on office chairs, the chair would never sink enough to be an issue for the next century.

      By seat pan, you mean the rim/build material of the seat, or the cushion itself?

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    • Lol! If only my chair was that good tbh, that seat groove homer's got cooking actually doesn't sink to the floor even after his decades of TV watching, so that's a damn good couch.

  • I'm pretty happy with the Markus from Ikea - says it's tested for 110kg. Feels pretty solid.

    • I think the most important thing for my butt is to ensure the seat cushion remains firm for a decent amount of years so my tailbone doesn't hurt when getting up.

      I'll put it on the testing list on my next day trip to the only Ikea in my state. Cheers!

  • What did OW say when you took it back to claim a warranty repair/replacement?

    • Didn't try yet, but I've returned monitors, lamps, a desk, and they pretty much auto-accept anything if you give valid reasons, in one solid piece and its well within warranty, which it is, by like 7 whole years.

      So I guess ill be sending it back and using the money to try out the things people have said above.

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    Forget going to Officeworks, Ikea or anything else like it. They are all absolute trash and the ratings are not worth the box they are printed on.

    Go to a proper office chair store that specialize in products for people with injuries and and look at their "heavy duty" range, ideally something that is rated for 3 shifts, and at least for 140kg but ideally more. If it will be warranted for 5 years on a 24x7 basis then it should last you many years.

    You are going to have to spend some serious money, but it will not be dead in 8 months. I'd be looking at some of the KAB or Controlmaster chairs, but you are well over Herman Miller pricing for an Aeron/Embody today which can be had at about $1650 now with the current sale, but not the best chair for everyone physically.

    There's a few good ones that are less cost, the Ranger Pro at about $800 and the Serati Pro at about $900. Both available at BadBacks on their Heavy Duty chair page - not a bad starting point for research:

    Therapod also make some great chairs locally at very reasonable prices. They have a 135kg & 160kg that should run you around $700 & $800 respectively. They are not my pick as I prefer a headrest. The best for me are the the RH chairs, part of the Flokk brands like HAG and Giroflex. I use a RH New Logic 220, they are hella expensive but even the cheaper ones like the Mereo 220 would be light years ahead of most other chairs. They set up differently in a very active sitting position, and almost force you not to slouch.

    • This whole thread really opened a can of worms, its been hella interesting.

      I really thought there was gonna be a few "OzB's ultimate chair for everybody comments at multiple price ranges, such as that Sony headphones or Xi computer monitor everyone universally wants and upvotes.

      But everyone's throwing in just about everything when it comes to office chairs, chairs from years ago, Ikea, and of course multiple thousand dollars professional stuff.

      At least the one thing everyone can agree on is that gaming chairs are total trash!

      So what seems to strike me the most from your recommendations are the control master chairs, they're pretty much what I expect if you put in big hugely padded car seats on wheels, which is what I always thought is a great idea, so nice to see they're doing it!

      Cheers mate! you really know your stuff! You must have tested the best of the best stuff over the years.

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        There are some more 'favourite picks' from OzBargainers but I disagree with just about every one of them. The Ergohuman gets a massive support but it is the worst chair outside of OW/Ikea chairs…. at well over double the price. Just about every OW, Ikea or 'gaming' chair will be shagged within 2 years. I include the PU Leather of Secretlab in that, their fabric is a better option but any chair requiring an additional memory foam pillow to provide lumbar support is just a stupid product and not worthy of your attention.

        Yes, the KAB/ControlMaster chairs are amazing. I have sat on them before for short periods (ie just visiting a place that had them) and they are super good chairs. They are designed for control centres like Security or IT monitoring, where you have 3 shifts a day and the next arse plonks into them after the previous shift. They take a real beating, and stand up to it. Honestly though most places will replace them every 2-3 years regardless of how they are doing.

        The only piece of true advice I want to give you is that you need to go to the stores and actually sit in them. Test them out, see how they feel, understand the position that they put you into and how that will affect you. I have some back issues so the wrong seat makes things worse for me, and additional chiro visits do have a financial cost. Honestly sticking to a arbitrary budget here is the worst thing you can do, get the chair that is right for you at whatever cost (within reason).

        I sat in the RH New Logic 220 in the shop and I was putting down a deposit within an hour, and that was a $2500 chair. When it you sit in it and it feels better than any other chair I have ever sat in (including the entire Steelcase and Herman Miller ranges) and takes the pressure off my back then you know it's the right one. The Serati Pro is quite similar and it is less than half the price. There's usually a cheaper option.

        • Should be no problem with the budget, as you say, chiro bills and future back pain will always cost more than just getting a good chair now, so picking won't be an issue.

          I'll be damn sure to not buy anything online unless i have found a unit in a warehouse to sit in for real first beforehand.


    I have the Titan. Feels like new and it's 18 months old.

    • Gaming chairs starting to look less like racing cars and fake leather and have muted colours and fabric huh?

      Eh, if i find one, ill sit in it, but i think its not gonna be for me.

      • SecretLab seems to be about the only 'gaming' chair many reviewers/YouTubers rate highly. Has lumbar support, good materials etc.

        • SecretLab sponsors them. Big time.

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    Herman Miller Aeron lasts well and very adjustable and super comfortable

    • Herman Miller Aeron is definitely good enough to take ~100kg for 12+ hours a day, 6 days a week for at least 15 years straight.

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    Get a 2nd hand herman miller aeron and never worry about buying another for at least 10years.

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    My Buro chairs are still good after 6 years.

    • +1 - I have three of them.

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    Do you ask KFC to shake the chip box when they fill it up?

  • This OzB post might have some good reading for you. The Buro also gets a mention.

  • I’m using a 10 year old Herman Miller Mirra at home - still very comfortable after years of being used in an office and bought home at the start of COVID.

  • Had a Okamura ergonomic chair which lasted 12 years. The chair is still good apart of the cushion which can be replaced quite easily. Gas lift is still going strong and the back adjustment still works flawlessly.

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    My Buro Metro still like new after nearly 6 years.

    • I concur with that - no probs. ..except perhaps the slight noise the chair makes when you shift your weight around :-) although this is not a major drama.

  • Went to Hardley Normals and got a 180Kg rated chair, $550 from $850. Best chair I've ever had. True Innovations Executive chair. And no, I don't believe it's really rated to 180Kg.

    • Best shop name I've ever seen butchered. XD

  • My last office chair was this one:

    but it only has a rated capacity of 120kgs, super comfy though, sis and my mum bought me a gaming chair for my last birthday, I really wish I could go back to this old chair, or maybe get this:

    It looks pretty good too, but it only supports a capacity of 150kgs, they're both less than $200 and super comfy.