Second Amazon Australia Prime Free Trial

Is there such a thing as 2nd Amazon Australia Prime Free Trial? I saw in the US at least, you can do a trial once/yr.
However I have not seen any offer of another trial. I did my 1st in Apr 2020

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    I've had 2 free trials. Not sure exactly but probably about 2 years apart.


    I did one trial when it was launched and 2nd in feb this year.


      is yours also more than 1yr apart? maybe it's a longer wait here.


        More than 2years i believe. $59 per year is a steal if you are buying pantry etc from Amazon.

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    Just pay $59 for a year. It's very cheap and good value.

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      I always get free shipping either with S&S or buying over 39.
      THere's nothing on TV etc I want. I've actually seen it all in the trial. If only they had a wider selection.
      I don't game, read, or other things.

      So it's always been like I could but I really don't get much for it. Just they ship things faster.

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    I just create a new account. Works well for me at least.


      This. Create a new email account / alias account on your preferred webmail provider and off you go. I think I've had about 4 Prime trials now.