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Myer Christmas Club - $20 Bonus for $200 Deposit + $10 for Every $100 Direct Debited


Email from Myer:

Join the Christmas Club this June, and we'll add $20 to your savings balance to get you started. Plus, you'll earn $10 for every $100 you contribute throughout the year.

Simply join the Christmas Club by 30th June and contribute $200 by 31st August 2021 to be eligible

Offer available to new Christmas Club members who join by 30th June 2021 and contribute $200 or more to their savings balance by 31st August 2021. The $20 contribution will be excluded from the calculation of the bonus at the end of the program year.

Under no circumstances will the value in any Membership Year of one or more issued Myer Gift Cards for any one Membership exceed AUD$4,999.00
Terms & Conditions

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Myer Christmas Club
Myer Christmas Club



    Good way to lose your money when they eventually go bust


      Lol, unless the gift card provided is a Coles & Myer Gift Card. Unlikely of course.

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    Well if they are going to limit it to $4999.00 per year then what is the point. Am I supposed to buy only half a suit and which half? I'm still fighting the indecent exposure charges from the last time they had this offer.

    • +1 vote

      When does Myer sell any suit over 1k. It's not david jones.