New Network Help

Guys need some help here.

I’m going to set up a protectli vault and run 2 routers from it. 1 for me 1 for family.

But now learning about VLAN and switches. If I get a switch I can set up many separate networks?

Can I connect the ports to say that these ones are part of this network?

Thinking I’ll get reolink cameras too. Easy to setup but want on their own network.

The I need to VPN in to view the footage vs cloud.

Any guides on this/ can it be done from 1 switch like a big one, 24 port?

Saw a video on Cisco catalyst 1000. Should I aim for that?

All new to me sorry.. been using 1 router for everything but want more privacy and security over devices and happy to learn


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    Yes, you can achieve this separation of network using VLANs from a router such Edgerouter X connected to a Managed network switch with VLAN functionality. You can dedicate selected ports on the switch for one or more VLAN(s).


      Thanks for reply.

      I am thinking this could get a bit crazy but having ability to keep things separate to me sounds like good security.

      Ability to make a new network when I want is something I didn’t even know about yesterday. Thought it involved a lot of hard ware.

      Do you know about the protectli vault? I am getting because of a privacy book I’m reading. It will be a firewall for the home and then run network from a switch. Is having more ports on a firewall needed or should I just do all from the switch?

      Why does protectli come with 6 ports for example. Is it to have physical separation of the networks, with multiple switches?

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        I’d recommend going to YouTube and learning all about VLANs and firewalls. Lawrence Systems is a great channel to learn all about this.
        For firewall, have a look at pfSense. Netgate SG-2100 is a good appliance and more than capable for home or small business firewall.

        VLANs are all created by your router and passed onto your managed switch for distribution. You can, if you want to, have 1 VLAN come out of each port of the 4 ports of your firewall/router and go into 4 separate switches. If all you need is 4 VLANs then you can just use unmanaged dumb switches for those for VLANs.

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          Alternatively, if you want more budget friendly device to get you started and still be able have all of the firewall/VLAN functionality, get an Edgerouter X for about $80. It is what I am using to do the exact same thing you are trying to do.


    Another term you want to search (beside VLAN) are "layer 3 switch" and "router on a stick" .

    If you happy to learn, I would recommend buying 2nd cisco 3500 series switch ( sample :


      Thanks for reply.

      Are you saying to add this switch to a manager switch? As in I will set up network on a managed switch then use this one to run the attached device for that network?


        Cisco 3750 is a managed switch.

        With "managed switch" means you have the ability to telnet / ssh to the switch (or you can use console port) to manage the switch and control each port individually.

        So you pretty much can run with 1 ISP router and 1 managed switch.


    You'll want something like a Ubiquiti UniFi USW-PRO-48-POE.
    Rather than getting Protectli I would aim for something more trusted from Netgate. Protectli are just generic boxes from China which could contain malicious firmware for the CPU and Network Chipset.