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1/2 Price - Fairy Platinum Dishwashing Tablets 41pk $15.50 ($0.38ea) or Dishwashing All in One 48pk $15.50 ($0.32ea) - Coles


Great price for these two varieties of Fairy Dishwashing tablets.

Fairy Platinum: 37.9 cents per tablet
Fairy All in One: 32.3 cents per tablet

Good time to stock up on these a bit. ;-)


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    Price per each and if need unwrapping before use in title, thanks


      No space - there is a character limit.


    you can get 110 finish classic from chemist warehouse for 16.99


    Aldi logix is 0.175 per tablet.

    I have to say there is a visible between Logix and Fairy Platinum but I only wash household stuff and very little glass so price goes first.


      It's also the only thing I ever seen in my life (other than Luxembourgians of course) that is made in Luxembourg.


      Finish classic is .154 per tablet