Any Good Deals on Cruzee Balance Bike? What's The Good Price for It?

I'm actively searching for a cruzee balance bike for my little one. Not sure if any store will have EOFY sale soon. What's the good price for this bike? Currently 99 bikes sell it for $159.
Thanks in advance.



    Can get 15% off from 99bikes with this deal. I think their price is reasonable

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    Loads of balance bikes come up on Buy Nothing or Facebook marketplace. Better to get a second hand one as kids can only use them for a year or so. Save buying a new bike for when they can use it for a couple of years.

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      100% agree but a balance bike for a year or so, the kid would be a very slow learner. 😀

      They will probably use if for a few weeks then they get their balance and can start on a bike right away.

      And even then depending on age (Growth spurts etc) spending big money on bike, only satisfies the parents ego.

      Bikes tend to "shrink" as time goes on so save big money for, when the kid stops growing (AKA bike stops shrinking).

      Unless kid shows "Cadel" type tendencies….


        My niece still used her balance bike most of the time after getting a bike with pedals, as she could zoom way faster on the balance bike than pedalling so it was more fun. She still chooses to use the balance bike occasionally now. So balance bike 18months-2 exclusively then mostly/half balance bike 2-3 years and now she is mostly using the pedal bike (age 3.5) as she can go just as fast on it and the balance bike is getting a bit small (harder to lift up her legs off the ground when zooming with maximum seat height)