What's The Cheapest SIM to Port in-out?

Are there $2/Free SIMs that allow porting, with just enough pre-loaded credits to receive & send the 1 SMS required during porting process?

Or is the Aldi $5 my best bet?

Trying to re-join Catch as a "new customer".


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    You can get a free Optus SIM card from this deal or order it for $1 directly from Optus, then activate the SIM on a flex plan (which costs $1 per day)

    saving is fairly miniscule though compared a $5 aldi sim.


      Thanks! Wasn't sure if the Optus sim could be ported in-out. might just grab the Aldi in a pinch instead of waiting for delivery on the Optus. Next year i'll be prepared haha.

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      I'm back haha.

      Unfortunately my local ALDI says they're no longer selling the $5 card… probably getting phased out soon. Minimum is now $15.

      Looks like the Optus card + $1/day is the only cheap way remaining, fortunately Catch services remain active and can receive SMS for 90 days after plan expiry.

      Does anyone know if Lyca Mobile's free SIM (apparently gives you free $5 credit on activation) allows porting numbers in?