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[PS4] God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, Uncharted 4 $10 + Delivery ($0 Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon

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    If you haven’t played last of us yet, now is a no brainer price to buy and play.

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      I play Uncharted, kill loads of "baddies", doesn't feel "real"… Borrow Last of Us from a friend… Play for maybe 60 minutes… give it back. Feels too "real" and I don't want to de-sensitize myself further… So basically it's a fantastic game but it's so well done that I can't handle it haha. Props.

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        Fair enough mate, it's not for everyone.

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        Don't play last of us 2 then!

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          Honestly while I get the hate for this game, Last of Us 2 was probably the most immersive and incredible game i've ever played - it's been a long time since a game has sucked me into like that one did.

          Also - if you have a tv with HDR - turn it on! It makes the game so much more realistic and less cartooney (assuming you have ps4 pro or ps5)

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        You're just scared of the Clickers. 😉

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          Who the hell isn't?

      • I'm the same. It made me really anxious.
        I turned it off after an hour as well

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    Gran Turismo Sport also $10.

    Going to buy it, my first GT since A-Spec on the PS2.

    • same boat. i don't think they're managed to add car damage to they models yet.

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      Just know that GT Sport is not like the other Gran Turismo games. There's no campaign mode and the game is focused around racing other players online.

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    Are any of these games already on the plus subscription?

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      God of war
      Ratchet and Clank (2016)

      Horizon was also free for a short period in April, I believe.

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        Just to clarify this is the PS Plus Collection for PS5 only we are talking about but I'm also confident a few of these games got released during some PS Plus months in the past as well.

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          Yes, sorry I didn't clarify that. The person just asked if it was part of PS+ so I assumed they had/were wanting a PS5

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            @Rockah: yes youre right in your assumption, I have a ps5 and got psplus earlier this year.

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      Well that's sort of what Sony's first party games are known for - great story-driven games. But TLOU leans very heavily into this. From the same studio, I'd play Uncharted 4 which, while still is story focused, is a lot lighter and more "fun" in its set pieces and action. God of War (2018) is a lot more on the action and fighting side, but still great production. Ratchet and clank is just a light hearted fun action game, but unfortunately I think the PS5 game is the best out of all of them. The PS4 one is still great fun though.

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        And one more thing to add sorry - TLOU is a PS3 game which got remastered for the PS4, but in terms of "low quality animations", it's probably because it's pushing 10 years old soon. Try TLOU2 and you'll see a massive difference - Naughty Dog are generally recognised as producing some of the best facial animations and performance captures in the industry

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          Please note, the main point of my comment was that so much time is spent watching animations or trying to open doors in PS4 games. If I want to watch a movie, I will turn on Netflix or Amazon Prime, where I can watch movies with better storylines and acting. I wasn’t commenting specifically on LOU, which I quite like because it has more action that the other games I’ve tried so far.

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            @ForkSnorter: I think most people don't quite get you because a lot of them finished the whole game (LOU). I'll try to be as objective as possible (but even that is difficult). The Last of Us (part 1) is a better second half game. The story writing style of the main writer is 'simple story, complex characters'. Thing is, that means they expect you to bond with the characters. That takes time. Also, it is the type of game where you cannot just shoot your way through the game.

            Do bear in mind that this is a 2013 game (yes, it was remastered, but still). The environment in the story, it is just not designed for lots of actions and action set pieces.

            • @netsurfer: I finished LOU, and on LOU 2 now. The end of LOU was pretty good, especially where you play the side game and learn about Ellie. Last of Us is definitely the best game I’ve played so far. Followed by Red Dead Redemption 2. A few games I’ve just sold straight away because they bored me to death, like Far Cry, Just Cause, Dying Light, Wolfenstein 2.

          • @ForkSnorter: Get the Uncharted series. This was a major factor when I bought a PS3 and PS4.

            Uncharted 4 compared to the first three has lots more cinematics and a little less action… but that said, it's a perfect end to the series. Very satisfying.

            If you're new to gaming on the PlayStation, I recommend Uncharted (all 4), Ratchet and Clank, Spider-Man. If you like lots of blood and gore, get God of War.

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      You think Last of Us has low quality animation ???

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        Compared to Uncharted 4 and TLOU part 2, some people might feel part 1's animation isn't quite at true PS4 level. There is also rumours on The Last of Us Remake. Personally, prefer Naughty Dog to work on something else instead of remaking The Last of Us (1) Remake.

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        I was referring to PS4 games in general. So much time is spent sitting watching animations or trying to open a door.

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          You're going to love the Resident Evil series

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    Is unchartered the one where you just pretend to be an accountant

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      It's a certified practising action-adventure.

  • LBP3, is that multiplayer game or require MP to enjoy? I don't have PS+

    • I think it has a story mode? Feel free to jump in ozbargainers :)

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      Even without PS+ you can download and play other players creations.

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    Ah literally bought ratchet and clank yesterday for $12.50.
    Here's my ozbargain license. [ L ]

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      Hahaha I would consider it to still be valuable at $15 mate. A must have for PlayStation owners.

      • Got 2 hours into it so far and it's amazing. Haven't felt this happy and excited over a game for so long. (boo all you stressful competitive games)

    • you can take your L

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    Final Fantasy VII remake for $19 - pretty ok deal.

    • I wonder if this gets the PS5 upgrade for free?

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        You get the PS5 upgrade for free, but not the intermission DLC.

      • you get the DLC for free if you have the disk version

        • No you don't. I have the disc version. No Yuffie DLC. That one you need to pay.

        • We are talking about the PS4 version… since "upgrade" is mentioned.
          The upgrade is nice, the quality of life fast load is good. The DLC upgrade is pricey though.

          • @netsurfer: edit:

            my bad its only free if u buy ps5 version

            • +1

              @gruffjaguar: Very funny that someone + voted you and - voted me. Honestly, I wish PS4 version get the Yuffie DLC for free.

              Whoever did that, can he/she give everyone who owns PS4 version a Yuffie DLC voucher each?

    • Can't find this any more. Also on C3, could you share a link please

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    I wonder if there will be an Uncharted 5 because wow Uncharted 4 was loads of fun - looked great too, with HDR, for a game pushing 5 to 6 years.

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      It's hard to tell at the moment. Sony probably wants it, but I am not sure Naughty Dog, especially Neil Druckmann wants to do it. Even if there is going to be one, will Nathan Drake be the main protagonist? While Nolan North (the actor who did the mo cap and voice for Nathan Drake) is more than happy to do it, he doesn't exactly get alone that well with Neil Druckmann. In all Uncharted 1-3 retro replays, I don't recall Neil being invited as a guest. However, in Uncharted 2, a key set piece we really like is actually Neil's work. Still waiting for Uncharted 4 retro replay, I just cannot imagine Neil not being invited for that.

      Also, where is the 60fps patch for PS5? Sony will release the PC version of Uncharted 4. It just doesn't feel right that you will be able to play Uncharted 4 @ 4K/60fps on PC, but not on PS5.

    • bend studios (who did days gone) got denied a sequel and I think they are helping naughty dog on either the last of us content or uncharted 5

      • Bend are working on a new IP

    • Isn't the story done? If they do a sequel, it will be more like Uncharted: The Lost Legacy.

  • Some of the games are now down to $9 to match Target