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Lindt Lindor or Excellence Block Varieties 80g/100g $2.25 (1/2 Price) @ Woolworths


Lindt chocolate good. Different varieties available, e.g., 70% Dark.

Also noted here but thought this was worth a separate post.

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    Thanks for heads up. Amazon might.match it too

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      For those like me that are too lazy, Amazon has 70% for $2.25, minimum of 3.

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    Of the white variety, is callebaut or Lindt better?

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    the 70% smooth blend is the greatest block of chocolate on the planet for netflix snacking. 80% goes great with a coffee or shiraz

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    If you're after 70% dark, Old Gold 70% bars at Coles are $2.50 for 180g. Per 100 gram it's a fair bit cheaper. I could never tell the difference in taste between Lindt, Green and Black's, Frey and Moser & Roth (Aldi) 70%.