Hotels in Kuala Lumpur

Hello ozbargainers,

I'm just wondering if anyone can help me or guide me to finding a great room rate in KL.


  • CHEAP, looking at ~$100/night max $130/night

  • 4 people in a room, so 2 double beds would be great

  • Located in Bukit Bintang
    (plans for food)

  • Has access to a pool
    (travelling companion says its a must in tropical climates o.0 Please enlighten me if not needed!!)

Also, what are the chances of getting $100/night deals on rooms that meet my criteria? or am i looking too low.
I'm fine with 3 1/2 * +.

Another question, when does Wotif changes their WotHotel hotels??

Thanks in advance to those helpful members!!



    Check and you can input all of your requests.

    I was over there is Oct/Nov, stayed in the Royal Chulan 5* for about ~$90/night. It's very easy to get around via taxi or bus but I can imagine you wouldnt have a problem getting any hotel for less than $100/night.


      missed the wiki link.

      I actually have problems (possibly due to July holiday coinciding with school holidays) finding a good price. Most of the under 100 are 3 star or studios. Or maybe it's just me looking at bad places…


    Maybe InterContinental KL? Might not be exactly in Bukit Bintang but should be pretty centralised. 2 Twin Beds Deluxe room @ RM361pn~AUD112.


      Anyone know about twin beds?? I read on wikipedia, that twin beds is usually singular and can't fit 2 people (per bed) can anyone shed some light on this??


    Have you tried Good luck! :)


    Radius international is ok, cheap, clean, pool and walking distance to bukit bintang.


    Just use, if the hotel is towards the top of the list then it is good. This is the best way to find hotels imo


    ok actually my friend recommended me this site and i also used it on my recent trip AROUND taiwan. booked about 3 hotels and all were great, especially the user reviews which help alot cos sometimes the photos don't show you everything.


    • has a bad avast rating o.0

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