Hotels in Kuala Lumpur

Hello ozbargainers,

I'm just wondering if anyone can help me or guide me to finding a great room rate in KL.


  • CHEAP, looking at ~$100/night max $130/night

  • 4 people in a room, so 2 double beds would be great

  • Located in Bukit Bintang
    (plans for food)

  • Has access to a pool
    (travelling companion says its a must in tropical climates o.0 Please enlighten me if not needed!!)

Also, what are the chances of getting $100/night deals on rooms that meet my criteria? or am i looking too low.
I'm fine with 3 1/2 * +.

Another question, when does Wotif changes their WotHotel hotels??

Thanks in advance to those helpful members!!


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