Best Oppo phone between $200 - $300?

Hi everyone, looking for an Oppo phone for my Mum. Brand is NOT negotiable, she is in her 60's, quite used to the Oppo interface and not willing to learn another.

Budget $200 - $300.

She's been out of the phone game for a while, her current Oppo is an f1f, from 2016. She, and I, don't know what to look for anymore.

Locked to Pre-Paid is absolutely fine, she's on Pre-Paid now and may use this as a push to change providers anyway. Or else she'll buy an ebay code to unlock it, as she has done in the past.

All (Oppo) suggestions within her budget are welcome! Thank you 😊


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    Just picked up the Oppo A53s from Officeworks a couple of weeks back for the missus. I think it was about $265. Unlocked. It's a decent mid level oppo phone. One of those, it's good for the price if you don't do too much with your phone, kind of things.

    There's another version that's slightly cheaper with a couple less features that'll suit her (doesn't have finger print login and the ability to that near field thingy with payment cards). Don't quote me, but I think it's the A53.


      Thank you, I'll look into this one! Maybe even the cheaper one, she doesn't need the fingerprint scanner and she doesn't care to pay with her phone….she still can't get the hang of her eftpos card having a chip in it 😊

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        If she is on Telstra sim, a Telstra-locked Oppo A53s is $199 from Target

        Shouldn't cost too much to unlock either.


          Just put one on hold at Target to be collected in the morning 😊

          She's with Optus, but doesn't mind switching to Boost.

          On the other hand, I'm having trouble finding an unlock code for this model… EBay yields no searches and Bagman doesn't do it anymore… Would you know where to get one?

          (just incase she does decide to stay with Optus, weighing up all options)

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            @CryssieJade: When I googled "Oppo A53s Unlock Code" and there seem to be many websites that provide this service, however I can't seem to be able to find the price until IMEI is provided.


              @scotty: They all look like spam to me. I miss the days of transparent pricing sigh