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30x Stone & Wood Pacific Ale 330ml Bottles $60 @ Coles


Cheapest ever? Coles are running a promotion for 2 x 6 packs for $24 of Stone & Wood. You can add a maximum of 5 to your cart, 5 x 6 packs totalling $60. Pretty good deal, works out at $48 per case

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    Would this be suitable to bring to Helen's Birthday party?

    • I’m sure every Helen would love a bit of S&W

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      Happy birthday Helen!

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    • If Helen is anything like Karen, she won't like it. You'd be better of with bitter beer

      • Did you know that there had not been any new born babies named Karen in Canada since November 2019!

  • Cheapest I've ever seen it.

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    Thanks for the tip op.
    Didn't go for the S&W PA but got 4x4 Bentspoke CrankShaft and 4x4 Balter Hazy IPA for $80 - riper deal.
    Tried to add Cheers20 but it didn't take the total down any further (even though it showed as valid and indicated $34 off).

    • $40 per 16 for each of those? damn thats a good deal

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      Legend vFox - jumped on that same transaction myself. The 4 pines pale ale $36 for a case was also too good to pass up :)

    • I rang Coles online shopping to check and the representative said the code will be applied after the order is picked. They said the initial figure is a pre authorization. Hopefully it's true.

    • Report it to financial authorities…I'm submitting a handful of promotions that 'apply' but the discount is either wrong or none at all.

  • Thanks OP. Now do I keep these for myself or use them for my turn for the football team beers on Saturday……

  • Some huge discounts here!
    Unforunately delivery was my only option, hopefully they dont cancel…

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      Yeah, same here with delivery being the only option, pleasantly surprised that the delivery charge is just $2…
      Hope they deliver…

      • Mine was $6 but still saving a butt load. I've had the order confirmation email, so we'll see come tomorrow evening.

    • My order was confirmed & paid, I called to change delivery and they said the order is cancelled and out of stock. good luck anyone who gets this delivered.

  • Has anyone ever got alcohol delivered from Coles? well ordered anyway, hope they don't cancel

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    6 cases for $57.50 in VIC. Toot toot.

    • Cases or 6x 6 packs?

      • Oof. Packs. My bad.

        • Geez, I was just about to drive to Victoria. ;)

    • 6 packs you goose.

  • Is this available in-store at Liquorland?

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    Don't forget the RESTOCK code for free delivery in Victoria.

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      absolute champ. thank you and thank you OP !
      $57.80 delivered in Vic

    • @Stanvx
      You beauty!
      Worked for me.
      Grog delivered for free.
      Hell yeah!

    • cheers works for nsw as well

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    Queensland why do you have to be such a backwater….

  • Not sure why but I get a page not found..

    edit: search for alcohol also has zero results

    • With click & collect from my local store selected, I got the same thing (stock issues?).
      After I changed to delivery instead, I could see booze again. Delivery was only $2..nnot bhed.

  • Awesome, i got 4x4 Balter XPA and 4x4 Pirate Life IPA for a grand total of $68 delivered. I rang Coles and they said the cheers20 code should reflect in the final price, making it steal of the year so far

  • This is good beer. Taste very similar to beechworth pale ale

    It has a very nice fruity taste and goes down smooth

  • Sorry, we couldn't find the page you're looking for. what???

    • Had the same message, changed to delivery slot and this disappeared.

      • Change to delivery and the Liquor will appear on front page, if your default collection store has no alcohol it is all hidden from view.

  • I think Qld and SA should move away from the colonial time stupid rules! They can have this rule applying to dry zones like Mornington island but not as a blanket rule for the entire state! You can’t buy liquour at Costco but can buy at Uncle Dan’s which is just in the next building! Stupid!

    • +1

      Definitely should be able to buy in-store at supermarkets. However I do order through Coles and Costco online for delivery in SA. Usually delivery is only $2 and I live in the Hills, so very cheap.

  • $36 for James squire 150 lashes 4 x 6 packs

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    OMG just told the wife this morning I wouldnt buy any more beer for the fridge until the current stock was gone, now the deal of the year comes along >_<

    • +1

      she will understand

  • +1

    SA doesn't have this but does have a quite a few '2 for $xx' deals going.

    And also has 'CHEERS20' code for a further 20% off. Really good deal

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      Bought 9 cartons for a grand total of $350 at checkout, expected free delivery tomorrow night. In terms of value and convenience, this is the deal of the year for me!

      Estimated total*


      You've saved:


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    It's definaely a pricing error right…

  • "Your order could not be processed"

    is it down?

    • Just placed my order and it worked.

  • +1

    Thanks just got 5x 6 packs of stone and wood for $57.50.

    I chose 4 in the main page and then in the basket I changed to 5 and the price went to this strange total.

  • +2

    Just bought 21 different (mostly 6-packs) for $167 delivered. RESTOCK works for free delivery in Victoria, but CHEERS20 doesn't change the price.

    Awesome stocking up - thanks OP.

  • FYI for anyone hoping to combine "CHEERS20" offer coles have for 20% discount on liquor: it doesn't work … the code does apply at checkout and shows the 20% discount, but the trolley total is increased by the same amount, I guess its hard to complain when getting a big discount already :-)

    • think it might have been fixed, or I'm dramatically mis remembering my cart before - but yeah doesn't work for me now either

  • Thanks OP, I got 2x Biggie Juice, 2x Balter Hazy and 1x Little Creatures for $50 plus $2 delivery. Magic.

  • I placed 5 for $57 but I think this is a price error. There are a number of 2 6x packs deals that are cheaper than a single 6 packs. I even got email confirmed my order but I won’t count on it.

    • Order cancelled

  • Promo code: RESTOCK

    Has worked for me to get Free Delivery

  • Stone & Wood Pacific Ale Bottle 330mL 6 PackOut of Stock

  • Will see if this works, "estimated total" is a bit concerning…

  • Haha, yeah, this definitely isn't getting honoured… XD

    • its basically half price craft beer, surely its meant to be -

      eg Balter Hazy
      full price $22 (4 pack
      special $20 (4 pack) when you buy 2 (8 total)


      2 x 4 packs for $20


      • A case of steam ale for $36. Silly cheap.

        Will be interesting to see if they honour it!

      • Yep, had a big order and all came up as out of stock…

  • +1

    All the "Any 2 for" deals are all "temporarily unavailable" for me.

  • Looks like it's been fixed. I was about to make payment and was informed all items are now "out of stock".

    Worth a try, but definitely been coded incorrectly. For example it should be buy 1 for $20, when you buy 2 or more, instead of buy 2 for $20.

  • +3

    Price error I would think, however, Coles will almost always honour these. Heck, if stuff scans incorrectly in store they will give it to you for free half the time.

  • Discount still showing but no products available. Might be worth a try in store getting them to redeem after work??

    Missed out getting an order through due to the weird bug selecting delivery to see the products

    Have taken screenshots of all the product pages showing discounts and hoping it doesn't get taken down by 5pm ;)

  • Oh no.
    I just tried adjusting order to add some items and now I can't proceed the order that beers and out of stock.
    Don't do the same mistake guys.
    I am crying now 🥶

    • Even if its in stock the order won't go through.

      • The order went through in the morning and was confirmed.
        Now I wanted add some more groceries when it delivered and now all messed up.

        • +1

          You are not alone mate! Same here!!!

          • @williamk30: Let's cry buddy

            • @JoshJ: The money's gone through my credit card already and no email telling me the order has been cancelled. So I guess we still have a chance? I don't know how it works.

              • @williamk30: I claimed with flybuys point and it came back already, which is showing that my order is gone.
                Good luck for you mate.

                • @JoshJ: This happened to me as well. I went in to change the delivery day and the whole order went back to my cart and instantly went out of stock. Completely devo! I had the order all completed and everything.

                  • @irrits: Yeah, we missed the deal. I texted Coles and they said it was my fault and cannot revert. Dang.

      • Just picked mine up…..went through no problem.

  • +2

    Email received three minutes ago saying my order is being prepared, starting to get my hopes up!

    • +1

      Got this also. crosses fingers

    • 7/9 cartons cancelled, here's hoping they come through with the other two!

      • The invoices are all over the shop but it appears I got a carton of Coopers Pale and Sparkling for a total of $36.48, thanks OP!

  • Order canceled now.

    • sad day sir, at least we tried

  • +4

    Just picked up my order from Coles @ Kellyville. Ordered online yesterday. Just snuck in in time it seems!

  • +4

    Mines packed and with the driver. They did cancel 2 of 8 X 4 packs ordered. Getting 2 Balter XPA and 4 Pirate Life pale ales. Still a good get.

  • +2

    My order is on its way - 2 x balter IPA, 2 X pirate life IPA, 2 X balter xpa, 2 x 4 pines pale ale, 2 X 150 lashes. Cancelled 3 X crankshaft + 5 X ewe beaut

  • Order cancelled.

  • My order just got delivered. i bought x4 4 pines pacific and x4 Stone & Wood. Stone and wood got cancelled. i did the free delivery and 20% off code. $14 for the case of 4 pines pacific delivered.

    OP, you're a legend!

  • 5 x 6pack of Stone and Wood, 2 x 6pack Little Creatures = $66. Love your work OP

  • +1

    Just picked up 18 x 4-packs of craft beer from my local Coles for $157. The CHEERS20 code applied but didn’t actually reduce the cost. Might call Coles if I can be bothered, but hard to complain when I just scored 72 cans of Aussie craft beer for less than $2.20 a can!

  • Thanks Op, my order of 5XS&W just got delivered

  • Picked mine up from Coles Richmond, 4 x 4 pack Balter Hazy IPA and 4 x 4 pack of Crankshaft IPA $80 the lot.
    OP………I think I love you!!!!

  • +1

    Picked up, felt like legalized bank robbery (thanks OP!!) 2x 6 150 Lashes 2x 6 Mornington Brown 5x 6 S&W 2x 6 Steamrail 2x 6 Mountain Goat

    • Hahahaha. So true! I have more beer that I could ever dream of, for next to nothing! Deal of the Year OP!!!

  • Had my entire order delivered tonight, thanks OP!

  • Thanks again OP. I had most of my order delivered (5 x 6 packs of Stone & Wood and 3 x 6 packs of 4 Pines). The 4 Pines worked out at $7.50 per 6 pack and they are refunding me $11.50. Cheap beer and extra money back!

  • Order cancelled :-(

  • my order delivered 3x6 S&W + 3 tubs of B&Js yummm

  • Check your flybys everyone.
    I got the full value in flybys points. $52 worth of Flybys points for a $14 purchase.

    • +1

      That's how it is mean to work. T&c's say if any part of the order is cancelled, flybuys points on the full value still applies.

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