expired 50% off Spintop games - can get Scrabble on desktop for about $12.50 USD


Spintop (downloadable) games are 50% off at the moment. They have Scrabble, which BigFishGames does not have, with a play against the computer mode. Could be good for kids or your parents … or um … possibly yourself :)

Note: when purchasing, they automatically include a backup CD in your order. The CD will be $8.50 before postage. You might want to remove that from the order, before completing your purchase.

Spintop will accept credit card or Paypal.

(I do not work for Spintop. I just have family members who like some of the downloadable games from such sites)


Related Store: Spintop-games.com

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    I forgot, the link for Scrabble is here.

    If I remember, you download the game for free, then when you go to play it, it will give you the option to make a purchase. If your Internet is on, you can then make the purchase.

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