Best Option for Shipping a Return to NZ

I purchased a Guitar Effects Processor a few months back from Rubber Monkey in New Zealand. It has a really flimsy PSU design, and it broke off. I am looking at what options I may have, as it probably won't be covered by Australian warranty. I am still waiting on an answer from the manufacturer, however I have just sent an email to RM, to explore my options. Freight will be $76.35 using Inter parcel (UPS). It seems to be over AusPosts Girth (Box is 53 x 28 x 15) @ 3.5kg.
Hopefully they will refund it and not charge a repacking fee.

Any other options/selections.

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    I ended up using Interparcel, which uses UPS & TNT.
    Ended up costing more using TNT.