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Up to 50% off Selected Items + $9.95 Shipping (Free with $99 Spend) @ Anker


Was trying to do a warranty claim on an Anker cable I have (I wisely bought one with lifetime warranty) and stumbled upon this interesting sale.

A selection of Anker cables, but also power banks, and head phones reduced - some to 50%.


This is the Anker Australian store so local shipping and warranty applies.

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Anker Australia
Anker Australia



    My Anker claims they don’t do lifetime warranty on their products; only directly from the American store.


      Might well be.

      I bought mine from Amazon.com.au and was then looking for the warranty web site. Turns out you go through International Anker for these - where the honour the lifetime warranty if bought from Amazon.com.au

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      I also got (profanity) around on this “lifetime warrantee” they told me to bugger off cause I didn’t buy it from the ‘official store’

      I binned the cable and never bought another again.


        Same as this, had an issue with a powerbank. They were terrible to deal with. Ended up with an expensive paperweight.

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        We’ll see.

        I paid a whopping $19.99 for a 3 foot USB A to Lightning cable I use in the car - they always start misbehaving after a few months because of the tight space and need replacing.

        If they don’t honour the explicit lifetime replacement warranty stated on the Amazon.com.au website I bought it from I won’t take this with a smile.

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    this is hardly discounted considering that their Amazon price has been more or less the same

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    Those are some seriously high and inflated prices. Looks like Jack is on holiday at the Anker website.


      holidays…as in added 17.5% leave loading.
      yes kids, in the old days you used to get paid extra to go on holidays!

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    no deals found on website


    Gan charger .. Gan charger .. Gan charger


    Seems expensive, especially for a "sale"…

    $100 for one 26,800 mah 45w PD charger?

    I could get a 20,000 mah 45w PD chargers from Kmart almost any day of the year for $50.

    And if I claim there's an issue Kmart will give me an on-the-spot refund without any hassle.

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      I could get a 20,000 mah 45w PD chargers from Kmart almost any day of the year for $50

      It has been a long time since I went searching for a powerbank… and if I'm being completely honest, I thought you were making a vague, generalised comment

      how wrong I was

      I apologise for not believing you internet stranger


        I have 2 of them because my phone has gone flat and I've just walked into a Kmart and bought one both times.

        They're as solid as bricks (metal, taken some very heavy drops very well). I leave both of them in my backpack now and never run out of power.

        They charge my laptops, my Canon, my phone, and my galaxy buds, and 4G WiFi router, so I've got a wireless person area network with me wherever I take my backpack.

        So convenient.


    I did not have a great experience with their customer service, basically no response but the replacement cable eventually arrived


    Both Nebula Capsule Projectors listed in this sale are $100 off, now $599, but on Amazon they're both $499/$489, so they're still overpriced.
    I like Anker products, but I find that their store (myanker.com.au) always charges a premium price even when on sale.