[PC] DRM-free - Free - The Smuggler (was $14.99)/Plokoth (was $5.99) - Itch.io


These two interesting games are free on Itch.io at the moment. You can add them to your account to download at any time later.
They come DRM-free (no launcher needed).

Plokoth: https://samrassy.itch.io/plokoth

From the website: The Smuggler:

For fans of single-player, grindy, stat based RPGs, The Smuggler will provide hundreds of hours of gameplay filled with rewarding and substantial leveling. Set in an urban environment, you can forget about crafting, magic, and archery; instead, spend your time leveling your larceny, pick pocketing, cage fighting, drug dealing, and narcotic manufacturing levels. Build your drug empire, unlock powerful permanent stat boosts, purchase real estate, and take over the city.

Available in both Free and Paid. The free version is exactly the same as the Paid version, except all skills are capped at 30 as opposed to 99. This means you can try the game out and play for hours and hours before purchasing. If you are enjoying the game, then definitely pick up the paid version, as this will allow you to max stats, find stuffed animals, fully build your empire, and reach new game+ (prestige).

From the website: Plokoth:

Plo and Oth live together in the jungle of Plokoth.

Everything is normal until one day Oth becomes sick. She is infected by a strange disease.

So, after she leaves her body behind in a sort of coma state she follows Plo in form of a ghost to find a cure for the disease.

As they go into the forest they find it contaminated, too.

And as they reach the Plipi tribe they see that it is infected with the disease as well.

So they need to go even deeper into the forest to destroy it.

Some time passes. And one day, already deep in the jungle, Oth’s spirit becomes weaker and Plo started to lose all hope. And he wonders if he will ever get his girlfriend back.

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