Mould Issue in Unit and Paint

My unit has mildew problem so there is a mould.

Looking to give 1 coat of paint to give it fresh look. What's people experience with following paint

For preparation, looking to use Shelley Mould Killer and leave it to dry for few hours and then wiping off with Sugar Soap.

Any things to be mindful of?

Also how much paint I should buy for 1 coat for 2 bed, 2 bath unit? Will be doing both ceiling and wall.



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    if you plan on living there for a while…

    i would suggest, clean the mould off now with a bleach solution

    and wait till weather warms up, do another clean before painting.

    you need more ventilation in the rooms that have mould


      Can you recommend beach solution for this purpose?

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        I can highly recommend the Gold Coast.

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        i would use vinegar as suggested below, i cant amend my comment once replied to.
        Thanks @Mspaint and @AndyC1 for pointing it out

        what i was getting at was clean now, paint later


        I had mould in one of my rooms after a ton of rain a couple of months ago. I got a spray bottle and some woolies brand laundry bleach. Sprayed it all over the places with mould and was amazed how well it worked. Just leave it for a few minutes, wipe it off with a sponge (wear gloves and glasses), and it was gone almost instantly and hasn't returned. Don't know how permanent it would help if it's a recurring problem because I'd never had the issue before but worked great for me.

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          bleach will only kill surface mould and effectively 'bleach' it.
          Vinegar should do a better job.

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      clean the mould off now with a bleach solution

      Why? Bleach doesn't kill mould it just bleaches it (changes its colour) giving you the impression that you have killed it.

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        To kill the mould go to Coles and get a few 2L double strength vinegar and use it on all the walls and on any surface that will not change color due to the vinegar (do not use on carpet or furnishings and try it on other surfaces where if it does change color will not matter).

        If you do not want to use vinegar google how to kill mould as you can use tea tree oil, but this costs allot more. But you may be able to use tea tree oil on carpets and furnishings.

        When re-paiting make sure you buy some anti fungal additive and use it at double the strength IMHO.

        BUT you need to figure out why the mould is there in the first place and fix the condensation issue before repainting as it will come back if you do not solve the underlying issue.

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          any type of oil on carpet or upholstered furniture is a terrible idea.


            @Keplaffintech: Do you know what tree tea tree oil is from and where in OZ it mostly comes from?

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    Get a dehumidifier too if humidity is high in those rooms.

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    You should try and find the cause or you're forever doing band aid fixes. Check the water seal in the shower, this is usually the main culprit.

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    I've used a 50/50 mix of water and white vinegar in a 1l spray bottle and about 6 drops of clove oil to good effect and killing mould and not having it return. Need to check you or any other occupant doesn't have an allergy to the clove oil though. Spray, scrub with soft brush and wipe away.

    Filll and sand any marks/holes then follow up with cleaning with sugar soap afterwards. Give a final wipe down with microfibre cloth or tack cloth to remove any remaining dust and ensure the surfaces are fully dried prior to painting.

    I've used Taubmans Endure for several years now and been very happy with how it goes on and the results. As for how much you need it depends on how large the rooms are. Taubmans and other brands will have a calculator on their site.


    Mould if in the bathroom install a fan that has humidity sensor with a timer. Fan is about $100 each.

    Mould if not in the bathroom might be to do with humid air that is not moving around. Potentially also install a slow fan in the roof space that will either push small amounts of air into (positive ventilation) the unit or suck it out. Vent + ducting + fan probably $250.

    Saves you having to scrub and paint.


      Looks like will need strata approval for fan in lounge area.

      Bathroom already has exhaust fan.

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        Unclear if your unit is a ground floor flat or top floor flat, unit / town house etc.

        If you have a ceiling you can just vent into the ceiling and I don't think strata is going to do anything. If you want to punch a hole in the wall and it can be seen externally then yes you have a strata problem. Good luck.


          It's ground floor unit.

          Any faulty fan in bathroom ceiling was repaired by strata, so I am taking Strata approval will be required for any hole in lounge ceiling.


            @Ash-Say: Interesting. Faulty fan in the apartment I own bathroom ceiling isn't strata. Strata usually only worries about changes that alter the building or external appearance.


          just watch out, I'm not totally up to speed but believe there are new BCA requirements for condensation management.
          Venting moisture into an unvented roof space may cause more problems than it solves.

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            @Mr Icarus: That is also true. My roof space has a ducting that goes outside. Most ground floor units should have external vents somewhere (brick size) that you can fit duct to point behind it.


    When I purchased my place the bathroom had a fair amount of mould which I was fairly worried about, as thought it might be a big issue.

    But all I did was spray mould killer, quick wipe down.
    Then 1 x coat undercoat and 2 x top coats of new standard paint and installed a new exhaust fan above the shower.
    And never had an issue since, very simple solution!

    FYI: if you have an ABN set-up Bunnings (or paint shop) 'trade' account and Taubman's Professional (a decent quality paint) is 20% off

    Good luck