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Pokemon 24 Inch Plush Toy (Snorlax, Bulbasaur & Assorted) $59 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ BIG W


Licensed Pokemon Plushies was $79 now $59 (for a comparative these are $90 at Target)

24 inches / 60 cm.

Random (if bought online pokemon will be picked at random)

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    I wish they've got the 1.5m one


      here to echo this exact comment


        I bought the ebgames bean bag Snorlax and sold it as its tummy is lack of cushion making it look like a Snorlax on diet or haven't eaten for months.

        You can still preorder them


          No way to stuff it with more beans?

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            @toomuchdogfur: Yup no zipper, you can buy more beans and bring it to an alteration shop which are usually at the mall or call to ask them if they have that service.

            I am pretty sure they can make a zippier for it.

            Note I bought this instead for my wife lol
            BigBear more value for money 😂

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    I wish they have lapras 😆


      That was my first thought when I opened this deal!

      Still a mighty Snorlax is tempting.

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    I wish I could fly to Japan and get these from the Pokemon center

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      Can get all 151 plushies in the store too in 3-4 sizes.
      My biggest disappointment was lack of adult size tshirts, you think for tshirt that cost 40AUD, they would have more then Small


    I thought they had Squirtles too? Can't find it on the website.

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        do people still watch Gilligans Island or has that phased out ?

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          geez you guys get so sensitive after an innocent comment.

          My bad I should have referenced to Pokemon GO :)

          takeiteasyandchillpeople lol


    LOL VA panel


      No no, these are IPS panels. :P


        Definitely, no colour shift from any viewing angle!


    Grab two thanks


    Pick-up order cancelled but still showing as in stock at the store (just unavailable for pick-up). What the?
    They really need to keep their stock levels updated, the refund to gift card will take 3 days so I can't even use it to order at another store. Geez..


      On the plus side, when Big W did that to me they refunded me in the form of a wish gift card (I originally used a Big W gift card).