Livid with hidden charges by Europcar

Okay, im so livid with my car rental fee from Europcar ballooning from $427.50 to $600 due to hidden charges.

I have rented a car from Europcar Syd airport for 5 days.
Basic rental cost $65.50 x 5 days = 327.50
All of sudden, “total amount GST and charges”
327.5 becomes $396.72

Additinally, in was told Upgrade is $20 per day total of $100. Again, total amount gst and charges (what charges??) - it becomes $151.42

VRRF - $51.50

Card fee - $7.84

Total - 607.09

at no stage they mentioned any of other charges other than upgrade fee of $100

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    Just went thru similar with A large car hire company on a car rental in Shitney…
    Ended up nearly double the price with all the undisclosed fees on our new Company special discount price account
    the initial price with our discount was almost too good to believe…. then the invoice comes in..

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    my rental fee from Europcar ballooning from $427.50 to $600 due to hidden charges.

    Sounds like you clicked on some extras. I've booked with Europcar a few times and haven't had that happen, other than the forced credit card fees at the end.

    Are you booking at

    Just did a 5 day booking for the middle of next month, pickup sydney airport. After entering the dates I was given a list of cars to pick.

    Clicked on the i30 shown as a total of $563.66.

    Next page is add extra services, selected nothing, still showing $563.66.

    At the checkout page its showing

    AUD 563.66
    for 5 days

    Price includes
    Unlimited mileage
    Licenses & Fees (LAF / VRRF)
    Damage and collision protection (with Damage Liability Fee DLF (more info) up to AUD 5500.00)
    Premium Location Surcharge
    Administration Fee
    Goods and Services Tax (GST)

    Price excludes
    Windscreen, Glass, Lights & Tyres Cover AUD 90.85 for this selected rental period
    Snow Cover AUD 189.29 for this selected rental period
    Credit Card fee

    and clearly lists the credit card fees

    Payment card surcharges
    Card payment surcharge (excluding GST):

    Airplus company account (0.0%) AUD 0.00
    American Express (1.19%) AUD 6.71
    Diners/Discover (3.09%) AUD 17.42
    MasterCard/Eurocardup to (0.68%) AUD 3.83
    Visaup to (0.95%) AUD 5.35
    JCB (1.19%) AUD 6.71


    No extras. Im talking about the charges when you sign the document (when you pick up the car to finalise the payment) and they send the copy to you.

    Never had these charges when i clicked to book on Europcar Website.

    Also, i just compared with my recent hire from Hertz. No hidden charges as such except GST AND CC FEE

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      Why are you signing the document in person if the amount is not as agreed?

      Did you query it before signing? What did they say?

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      Im talking about the charges when you sign the document (when you pick up the car to finalise the payment)

      As above, I've used them many times and no 'hidden' fees like you are claiming and always been the price quoted via the booking website + credit card fees. Appears most people here are having the same outcome.

      So why didn't you ask why it was different to what you had been quoted when you picked it up? As above, the quoted price includes GST ec etc. Its illegal to display prices without GST unless under a B2B arrangement.


    Do you have a booking confirmation number or email confirming the initial cost?
    Do you have a detailed final invoice to compare?

    Vehicle Registration Recovery Fee (VRRF) means the daily amount payable to Us to recover Our
    costs of registering and licensing the Vehicle as a rental Vehicle. - I believe this should be included in your initial quote.


      My main gripe is $327.5 becoming $396.72 after GST and charges
      And $100 becoming $151.42 after GST and charges.

      Wtf are they charging.

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        I understand that you don't know what the extra charges are, but it'd be great if you could provide a screenshot of booking and final invoice for comparison, otherwise it seems that you might be misinterpreting something that you are reading, and it's difficult to help you here.

        My recent Europcar booking confirmation:
        Price to pay at pick-up
        AUD 1,023.70

        Guaranteed price
        GST/VAT included (fuel costs excluded)

        I cancelled, so I don't have a final invoice, but you should have one that is clear about "extra charges". Go to and get your invoice, if you don't have one, and share it with us.

        I understand you accepted the final price at pick-up, without reading it, and it is likely that you added extras (for example, additional driver would add $143.80, or insurance, etc.). You keep saying "no", but we are not seeing your invoice with the "extra charges" that you can't understand.

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          You keep saying "no", but we are not seeing your invoice with the "extra charges" that you can't understand.

          Agreed, it sounds like a extra driver fee or insurance waiver etc.

          My dealings with Europcar have always been the price to pay at pickup in the quote is the price you pay (plus credit card fees), but as per my booking above, these are displayed at the checkout. So not really hidden.

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    Well.. first thing you should be doing is calling them for an explanation of the additional charges.


      Not picking up. Seems like this is their strategy for dealing with complaints.


        Write to them and follow up a couple of times. Make it clear that you'll initate a chargeback with the bank if they don't reply. And if they don't, then go ahead and initiate a chargeback - they might change their tune quite quickly. A chargeback is either the whole amount or nothing. So they will care.

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    Ex Europcar Manager here, double check invoice and rental agreement it states all break down of costs even plus gst is mentioned and also if you have unlimited kilometres or not and it not how much extra charged believe me or not they are very strict in keeping the things going smoothly and customer focused , if you think it is different then what is stated in the invoice and your rental you can definitely dispute it by the way basic rental fee does not include other admin costs as VRRF GST etc

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      basic rental fee does not include other admin costs as VRRF GST etc

      So the prices are indeed misleading.


        So the prices are indeed misleading.

        No his saying the opposite.

        you can definitely dispute it by the way basic rental fee does not include other admin costs as VRRF GST etc

        As in it should have them included and not added on.


        All prices have been clearly mentioned on rental agreement including damage excess and terms and conditions i worked with europcar over 2 years and can assure 90 percent of the time customer doesn't bother to read rental agreement it is just 1 page and does not take more then 2 minutes and get clarification and we were trained explain to customer the main things but customer will still not understand and they prefer to get vehicle within 5 minutes and leave we used to get negative feedbacks for someone waiting for 15 minutes just because we were busy serving someone who came before them


          Weren't Europcar caught multiple times committing theft and fraud by charging customers for existing damage that they did not cause?

          Oh, yes. Yes they were.


            @MnGQ: Yep and then process got streamlined but for sure they still do but in a way which cant be beaten or caught anymore as all repairs are done through quotes and then 3rd parties and believe me previously they must be charging less but now way more in my opinion renting a car through any rental car company should be a last option and if you do always take insurance to avoid so many hassles involved always read rental agreement and invoice anything you notice doesnt match notify immediately check vehicle thoroughly before pickup any make it recorded


              @awaischb: As an ex manager, did they teach you punctuation at all? (or is that a hidden extra as well) :)


                @oscargamer: Jesus yes! I had to read that at least 6 times before it started to make any sense (and it still doesn't really).

                I'm now convinced that their claim about being a rental car manager is legit.


                  @MnGQ: Sorry couldn't make it easier for you guys atleast you got it thanks for reading 6 times


                    @awaischb: Its alright mate, you're an ex rental car manager. We understand that even the simple things in life like grammar and punctuation can be really hard for you.


    Your post is pretty confusing. At which point in the booking process did it tell you 320 and and which point did you see it was 390?

    Did you look at what you were signing when you picked it up? I assume that only the 320 was on that page that you signed. If that's the case, then go and complain.

    TBH, I hire cars probably once every 2 months with Europcar, Hertz and Avis. I have never had a discrepancy, particularly not one relating to a "hidden charge" where things like the VRRF or PLS was just completely not added onto the invoice. I feel like you just didn't read the contract.

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    Just looked on both Hertz and Europcar
    (and Thrifty and Budget) websites

    ALL of them show the fees you will be paying
    VRRF is charged by every single hire car company
    GST and Card fees are payable at most
    and GST is payable on the VRRF and The Card Fee

    no hidden charges
    no tricks
    you just did not read your contract when you hired the car

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      They just need to be upfront and clear about those costs, that is all.


      Hertz like to add extra stuff too. I got charged a prepay Toll fee without my asking. Managed to get it refund after some painful interactions with customer service. I think hidden fees are probably a standard thing for car hire companies. They’re always looking to stiff you.

      The important lesson always check your invoice before you leave the office/drive off.


    In this covid used car climate it is better to buy a used car on Gumtree and sell it after 5 days.

    Probably make money on the deal.

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    After requesting what the extra charges were (which definitely did not include at the beginning of the reservation online)

    They added

    • Special location fee 33%
    • Admin fee 3.5%
    • VRFF $51
    • CC charge
    • GST

    Safe to say, im never going with Europcar ever again.