Smart Front Load Washer

I'm searching for a large front load washer that has the following features:

  • ability to set it cold water by default. I only ever use cold water, so hate having to select it every damn wash
  • smart functionality to notify that wash has completed, choose settings, set a timer and start a wash on mobile phone
  • large drum – our current 11kg is a good size for us
  • useful cycles, such as business wear for non-iron garments, sports, eco

Let it be known our current "smart" LG unit washes fine, but has none of the above features except for an 11kg drum.

Any suggestions?


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    smart functionality to notify that wash has completed, choose settings, set a timer and start a wash on mobile phone

    Why? Unless you have a robot that can load it, you are literally there at the machine once you put the stuff in it.

    • maybe to start it once the solar is on during the day while you are at work?

    • Not sure which function you mean, so I'll answer them all.

      notify that wash has completed
      * So I know when it's finished. Handy in case I've forgotten it was on, and/or can contact a family member to remove it

      choose settings
      * my current machine is a PITA to choose settings, and the app is worse. Was hoping there's a better machine where the app is more intuitive than the machine interface

      set a timer and start a wash
      * handy if I forget to turn it on, or when loading I don't know when I'll be home. e.g. leaving work I could start it, knowing it won't sit in the machine too long before I get home.

      • My 10+ old Electrolux got a timer / delayed start or cute musical when washing is done. I bet most of the newer one could do better.

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    I have LG WV5-1409W washer and LG thinq app. I can create customised programs then "download cycle" to transfer the customised program to the washing machine. I get notification when washing finished.

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      My LG (might be a different model) has the crappest app I think I've used for a smart device. The "Download Cycle" option isn't customisable at all (heaps of complaints on the LG forum, but no support), you can only choose one of a set of existing cycles to copy to the machine, and can't actually customise any of them.

      I get notifications for wash cycle finishing, but nobody else i nthe family does. Ideally our Google Home device would broadcast it, but can't ever see that happening with my model.

      Most of all, I was hoping there's a machine that allows an app to change settings (including default setting for cold water), as it would certainly be a tried and tested interface rather than fumbling through a counter-intuitive on-machine interface.

  • Cold water by default = boomer or noob.

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  • I don’t like leaving my front loader unattended when it’s on one day it became out of balance and nearly ended up out the back door luckily I could hear it and turned it off.

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