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[PC, Steam] Free: Loria (Was $11.29) - Steam/GOG


This highly rated game on Steam has gone free recently (on 3 June). It is rated 81% on Steam.
The game is also free on GOG so grab them both:

GOG: https://www.gog.com/game/loria

From the website: Steam:

Loria is a homage to classics from golden era of strategy games, with modern spin on controls and user experience.

Game introduces not just RTS elements but also RPG elements such as: hero units, collecting items and quest driven missions offers for a more interesting take on the RTS genre.

Goal of Loria is to take the best concepts from the classics and create a modern user-experience, intelligent AI, smooth controls, pleasing aesthetic and to add interesting content.

Loria was made with passion and love of the RTS genre, that has given us so many hours of fun.
Hopefully we have managed to recreate the experience and fun.

Loria features:

  • 2 playable races
  • 2 campaigns with 8 missions each ( 16 missions in summary )
  • Entertaining story
  • Dozens of units, buildings and upgrades
  • 6 unique heroes
  • Levelable heroes with backpack
  • Veteran units
  • Skirmish games

Soundtrack is included as well in basic package.

About Multiplayer:
Multiplayer was not planned in Loria at all and is not implemented in game at this point. However due to lot of requests to include multiplayer, we started to work on the feature. Stay tuned for more news about this!


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    Cool thanks OP

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    To the person who reported this as spam: just because you do not like the game or the post does not mean it is spam. It was a paid game until 3 June that has now become free.

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    According to the game's description, they've made Loria free in order to draw an audience to their next project Liquidation, which is currently on Kickstarter. It actually looks very decent too and may be worth backing if RTS are your thing.


      They cancelled the kickstarter unfortunately.

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        Cancelled yesterday, wow you are on the mark