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[PC, PS4, XB1] Epic - Free - Elusive target/location rotation in HITMAN 3 w free Starter Pack - Epic Store/PS Store/MS Store


There is another little HITMAN 3 freebie coming up if you have the Starter Pack.

You can play everything there is in Sapienza fro 10 days starting on 25 June and ending on 4 July.

There is also an Elusive Target mission "The twin" which runs from 2 July to 12 July.

This means with the free Starter Pack you can do this mission between 2 July and 4 July!

PS4 link for Starter Pack: https://store.playstation.com/en-au/product/EP3969-PPSA01769...

XB1 link for Starter Pack: https://www.microsoft.com/en-au/p/buy/9nvjwr50krxx

Here is the info from the website:

Location Rotation: Sapienza
Slow down, chill out, take it easy. Go to the beach. Eat an ice cream. Visit the morgue.

The relaxing coastal town of Sapienza is your destination for the Location Rotation this season, which means all HITMAN 3 Free Starter Pack players and HITMAN 3 owners will have unlimited access to everything that this jewel of the Amalfi coast has to offer for 10 days.

Elusive Target: The Twin (Sapienza)
Two identical twin brothers. One is the client, the other is your target. If you kill or harm the client, you fail.

Track down the twins, identify the target and take your shot. Or cross your fingers and go YOLO, it’s your call.

Source: https://www.ioi.dk/hitman-3-season-of-sloth/


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    Isnt Sapienza an old map from Hitman 1?