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eufy Security 5-in-1 Alarm Kit $199.95 Delivered @ My Anker


I just bought one for my new home, $150 off RRP

Plus the Eufy Security $250K lucky draw https://myanker.com.au/eufy-security-250k-unlock-to-win-cons...

Also, eufy Lumi Stick-on Night Light T1301H21 (3 Pack) $19 + Shipping / Pickup from Bing Lee

Similar to deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/614943

Copy and paste from Anker website:

Home Security System, Keypad, Motion Sensor, 2 Entry Sensors, Home Alarm System, Control from The App, Links with eufyCam.
Easy Setup: Install in minutes all by yourself. The entry sensors attach to doors and windows, while the motion sensor and keypad can be secured to walls via the included mounts.
No Monthly Fees: Designed to protect your home as well as your wallet, eufy Security products are one-time purchases that combine security with convenience.
Instant Alerts: Get notified as soon as motion or a breach is detected with the eufy Security app.
Security in Seconds: Arm and disarm in seconds by keying in your password or directly from your phone via the eufy Security App.
What’s In The Box: HomeBase, keypad, motion sensor, 2 × entry sensors, owner's manual, and Happy Card.

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  • Wait, does the main unit not have a battery?

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      The Homebase needs to be plugged into mains. Everything else has a battery, the keypad is rechargable vis USB and lasts about 6 months from reports.

      I picked up one from the recent JB sale, $149 I think it was. I feel like the keypad is a waste because you can just do everything via the phone app and the system doesn't really replicate a traditional home alarm system - you can't set it up so the alarm on all your external cameras go off when there is motion detected via sensor, it only sounds the Homebase alarm (which is inside your house).

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        So if you want to break in, just turn the power off? Even my old home alarms had backup battery.

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          You are suppose to run these with the full camera set. So if someone breaks in you will already know because the vision would be uploaded instantly to the cloud of them trying to break in. This is just a secondary measure to prevent break ins.

        • Gonna stick my neck out and say any would-be crims that intend to break in - wont know the weakness for your specific alarm system. Or if you even have one in the first place….
          If they know what system you have - they are getting in regardless of what it is.

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            @6000SUX: The one time our place got broken into, crims wore large hat while in-front of camera, turned power off. We had nothing on them. That and the stupid Eufy cameras warned me there was movement, but then I couldn't access it as it mustn't have finished uploading - and didn't cache it. Then I couldn't get access to the system for a while, just assumed it was glitched.
            The issue for me is, that while the alarm is going off, they can just turn the power off and it will turn off.

            • @onlinepred: Sorry to hear that - can def see how you've been burned before and are cautious against this set.
              They may have evaded battery backup systems too if they had hat idea and power idea too. But yeah you would of better in a stronger position for sure.

              • @6000SUX: I just want the siren to sound no matter what. The longer the better. The quicker they can turn off a siren, the worse. If you are going to spend money protecting your place, I just feel like you may as well spend money protecting your place.

                If power is out on a street, it basically means you are fair game, you have no alarm and no vision. I paid like $250 for a bosch battery backup alarm system 10 years ago in my old place.

            • @onlinepred: I guess thats why they are releasing 'SoloCam' where you dont need a home base and the cameras are solar powered. Would prevent this sort of thing happening. Im lucky that my power is locked behind a solid steel door with three pad locks, so they wouldnt have a chance to do this and its pretty hard to find where my modem/NBN connection point and Homebase are stored because they are seperate.

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                @crazycs: Yep, if power to the street/burb goes, you just have wireless cameras that do nothing though ;-)

                • @onlinepred: You must be a doomsayer, always thinking worst case scenario that rarely happens.

                  But thats okay - I have solar and a battery :)

                  • @crazycs: Haha nah it's just if I am going to spend money setting something up, I want it for peace of mind. Nice on the solar and battery! I just got a UPS and solar ;-)

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                  @onlinepred: I have my cameras recording to synology and rotating, home assistant controls the wireless alarms and it will call me when someone breaks in. Home Assistant, synology and both wireless router and HFC NBN router plugged into UPS which will work for 1 hour if the power is down, HFC does not cut off if the power is down.
                  So basically if the nbn is up, I can still access most of my home security stuff with internet and play sounds and flash lights.
                  With all the research on the security stuff after we had a break in, I am even considering open up a business for that.

                  • @yfxsmike: Great home setup, only thing extra I got is the modem has 4G fallback so even if the main internet line is down (Telstra cable in my case) there's still another internet access method.

      • The homebase is only running on 12v, not hard to add a battery backup to it either with an inline unit or using a UPS. As you would need your router/modem powered as well to a UPS would seem to be the go.

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      Guys, one of these powers my eufy homebase 2, nbn modem, tp-link m9 wifi router, smartthings hub, landline dect phone, Cisco ata device, an 8 port 1gb lan switch and a small mains led desk lamp for 70+ minutes. So they can disconnect the power, but before they get in I expect I would be notified by cameras and a multitude of zigbee movement sensors inside and outside the property perimeter. That is the theory I hope I never have to test out. On top of that, this also helps in case of power outages. For ~$150 I think this is money well spent.

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        Nice! That's a great solution.

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        Just to add, the only thing this wouldn't work for is eufy floodlight cameras around the house as they are mains powered and obviously not on UPS, but since they are very responsive I expect they would capture and upload the video to my homebase before they manage to disconnect the power.

        Also, the reason for such "paranoia" and having 7 cameras outside the house and 3 Samsung SmartThings outline cameras on the inside (plus about 12 or so zigbee motion sensors inside and outside) is that there was recently an aggravated night time home invasion in the house diagonally behind us, with residents ending up in hospital, so… And also, I just happen to love gadgets :-).

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          Good suggestion re: the UPS, but I'm confused as within the link description it says "Runtime at Half Load (min): 9" and "Runtime at Full Load (min): 1". So how does it provide backup power for 70+ minutes?

          • +2

            @tdh78au: Hmm, I think the basic idea here is that how long your battery lasts depends on the connected load. The load (current drain) of all my devices connected to the UPS is relatively miniscule, therefore the battery lasts longer. I have tested it on several occasions and the display on the UPS tells you how many minutes are left given the load connected. At the end of the day, you would need to calculate the power drain of all the devices you plan to connect to it and then calculate the UPS size you need depending on the runtime you are expecting in case of an outage. For example, for a given size UPS, I would expect to be able to run a small power device for much longer than an electric kettle (as an example). Keep in mind, also there are usually max power limits for these things: in general even with a large battery capacity UPS you may not be able to power certain high power devices beyond the rated power output of the UPS, for example a kettle, since it requires approx 2kW which the UPS may not be able to deliver. Hope it makes sense.

        • the only thing this wouldn't work for is eufy floodlight cameras around the house as they are mains powered and obviously not on UPS, but since they are very responsive I expect they would capture and upload the video to my homebase before they manage to disconnect the power.

          I thought floodlight cameras work standalone, and don't communicate with a homebase at all

          • @joolz50: Correct. What I meant is that since floodlight cameras are not battery operated and also not connected to the UPS, so if the power was cut off at the switchboard they would stop working.

      • which is sold out now btw :)

        • Oh damn. 700VA is still in stock. For use cases similar to mine, that would probably also do just fine.

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        What are your zigbee sensors?

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          Motion sensors I use are Xiaomi Aqara. Just to be clear, in case you get a wrong idea, Eufy cameras do not work with SmartThings. Therefore it is not possible to trigger recording based on SmartThings events. I use motion sensors more as an adjunct and a form of fail-safe to the cameras, so I can still be alerted in case of any detected motions even if cameras fail to trigger. Bit of an overkill, I know…

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    Nice but wish you could buy these packs minus the base as most of us that already use Eufy devices already have one.

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    For anyone wanting a similar setup for about half the price then I can recommend this little Blitzwolf kit I'm using it as a very basic stand-alone system in a shed/workshop in the backyard and yeah it does what it says on the box, easy to setup, no fuss. Once I extend the home LAN to the shed I'll get it online too however I only really needed it as a very basic alert/deterrent which it's doing perfectly well as it is. Pretty sure you can add extra sensors and integrate it with other smart systems too but you'll have to do your own research on that.

  • Wish it had more motion detection sensors? Is it wireless? will that work in two story house?

    • Yep it's full wireless mate.

      Only the home base needs an ethernet connection into your router.

      My wireless video doorbell is on our outside gate about 10m away from the base, which sits inside the second story of our house and has no issues whatsoever.

  • Anyone with these had success getting this to work with HomeAssistant and Google Assistant? I'm weighing up this vs building a HomeAssistant setup.

    • I'm curious to know this too! I was easily able to add it to my Google Home app but that's about it. I have no idea what to ask Google to control the alarm system.

    • The cameras work on Google Home - the door/window sensors appear in the Home app but dont have any functionality.

      • Thanks! That's a bit of a waste

      • They probably can be queried by voice. Hey Google tell me if the front door is opened

        Or something like that. I do that for my Smartthings door sensors

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