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EOFY Sale - Styles from $2.50 + $10 Delivery (Free with $100 Spend) @ Rivers


Rivers EOFY Sale On Now - Styles from $2.50.
In store and online.

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Rivers Australia

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    Are these items classified as "Final sale items"? Just want to know if we can refund if the size isn't right.

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      Nopes and they take ages to deliver. Order few items before going on holiday. Took more than 3 weeks to deliver and came after our holiday's. We raised with customer care that the order is taking ages to be shipped and they advised to return as the delivery was too late. River's didn't even let us cancel the order as it wasn't shipped after 2 weeks.
      Once the parcel arrived, they declined our refund saying "all sale items are final" and cannot be returned unless defective.


        Not only does it take forever….. you'll probably get only part of your order and they'll send you this sentence in an email:

        "Unfortunately stock does vary and can also be limited during sales and promotional periods due to the high volume of sales. Although an item may be in stock at the time you purchase online, it can become out of stock when the warehouse prepares your order in the following days. We are passionate about stock control and do our best to ensure our records are correct and products are taken offline as soon as they become out of stock. We apologise this happened to you on this occasion."

        Process my order 3-4 weeks after I order and then tell me that items have become out of stock? Sure… sure…

        My advice is stay away unless you're just punting on items because they are cheap and you're fine potentially not getting the item……..if you really want something, I would look elsewhere.

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    Rivers have some dud gear, but these shoes are pretty good https://www.rivers.com.au/Product/Detail?CategoryId=75080&Pr...

    I've got a black pair and ordered chocolate now. Got a few additional bits and pieces that were cheap, as per the comments above I'm not that fussed if they don't come as it got me up to free shipping and using a new customer code.


      You rate their shoes?
      Given the prices, I'm tempted. But I'm unclear on longevity and general quality


        Look I'm working from home almost every day now, so I will only need the occasional use into the office and then semi formal events that need it. The black ones I have feel alright, and they're leather, and they're $25 - not that much can go wrong? I haven't worn my black ones that much but when I have it's felt fine.


    Just ordered 5 pair of shoes for myself and my partner. Hoping that we get atleast a pair each! To be honest, we don't really need more shoes :)


    i went to rivers retail shops to get a bunch of stuff spent about 300 to 400 total somehow getting $3.50 shirts and $8 and $15 shoes for the whole family