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[NSW] IKEA Alkalisk AA/AAA 10pk $3.49, LADDA NiMH Rechargeable 4pk AAA $6/$8.99, AA $6.50/$10.49 @ IKEA Rhodes


IKEA Rhodes, NSW store.

IKEA Alkalisk battery AA and AAA 10 pack $3.49 (normal price $5)

LADDA Rechargeable 4pk
AAA 750mAh  $6
AAA 900mAh  $8.99 Now $5
AA 1900mAh  $6.50
AA 2450mAh  $10.49

Rechargeable batteries are all made in Japan. Alkaline battery all make in China

I have used IKEA alkaline AAA batteries in my headlamp. they can last longer as Duracell did. I would stock it again.

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  • must resist…

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      Grabs statement about Alkaline battery, puts in context and comparison with stats on rechargeable…..slow clap

  • Are these good or just a "poor man" version of the eneloops?

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      They're good. AFAIK they're pretty much the same as eneloops.

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      Pretty the same as eneloop.

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      They are as good as Eneloops and are cheaper. No point of getting eneloops nowadays.

    • Pretty sure at one point they were made in Japan. Most likely re-wrapped from the same factory.

      Eneloops were good when they were made in Japan. Mob mentality here just kept the hype train going on them

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    LADDA is the new ozbargainer currency.

  • Anyone know VIC has the same deal ?

    • Richmond has AA for $12… AAA was normal price

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    can i use any sort of charger to charge em? whats ozbargainers go to for charger?

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    I saw the LADDA 4pk AA 2450 mAh in new eco friendly all cardboard packaging and grey battery colour for $10. Looks like marked as the normal price under a new article code 505.046.92 instead of article code 703.038.76.

    They look exactly like these https://www.ikea.com/cz/en/p/ladda-rechargeable-battery-hr06...

    I didn't see the 4pk AAA 900mAh on the shelf yet.