Ergonomic Office Chair Recommendations

So I'm looking to buy an ergonomic office chair, tried a gaming chair from ewin, didn't like it and sold it on facebook marketplace.

I like heavy duty chairs around 130 or 150kg+ weight capacity, I just feel safer/sturdier or w/e on them.
My height is a humble 176cm and this chair will be used for many hours throughout the day, for both my uni course and gaming, mostly Valorant.

I don't like arm rests as half my arm is already rested on the table usually since I am an arm/wrist aimer.

My budget is like $200-400 and I can't really go try physical chairs except for Officeworks. I am looking at the Matrix II plus or the Flash II Deluxe from there right now.

Looking for recommendations for a chair that fits my needs and I've already seen the Buro Metro Task/Executive chair deal from Winc but apparently the chair is taller than its specification says and is too tall for a 176cm fellow from a review I read.



    I've got the Buro Metro Task chair - and I'm shorter than "a 176cm fellow" so dunno what he is on about.

    Great chair.


      Where did you order it from? I want to use the $50 off from Winc but I read reviews about how bad that company is their rating is like 1.3 stars.


        Off a fellow OzBargain member!

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    I've read good things about the JÄRVFJÄLLET from IKEA for $199.

    I can't really go try physical chairs

    However, I just wanted to emphasise that it is really important that you do try the office chair before you buy. Office chairs are a very individual thing and what feels comfortable for one person may not be the case for someone else. Reviews are helpful but can only give you a general idea.


      Yeah this or markus


      I second this. I tried every single office chair in IKEA and found exactly one which was comfortable, and it wasn't one of the popular ones. My friend found only two that were comfortable for him, and he said mine was terrible. The odds of you liking are chair you haven't tried is low.


      great chair - i bought it and returned it. Personally, the seat cushioning is a bit firm imo (like many). but the back support, neck support and lumbar support was 10/10 for the price.


      Do you know of some good vendors other than IKEA in Sydney that are good where I can try out these chairs. I have been to like places like harvey norman, officeworks etc but most of the chairs there were pretty bad.


    The Jarv is ergonomic, has tilt lock etc. The seat cushion however is mediocre with cheap / thin foam - not too comfortable for hours of sitting.

    The Buro is less ergonomic, lowest height is a tad higher than the Jarv. It however has an great seat cushion - thick and plush.

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    Professional Enduro Ergonomic Heavy Duty Chair Black $279 (about extra $50 for arm rests)

    The cushioning is extremely comfortable and supportive. Best of all this chair can tilt back slightly. Otherwise I always feel like I am 'slipping forward' in most office chairs. Mesh back is very comfortable.

    I have owned one for 12 months and am about to replace my other workstation chair with this one also.

    Go to officeworks and sit in it, adjust the tilt/etc.


    Just ordered the ONEX GE300 from for $179
    Had good reviews in the past on here, and a lot cheaper than Ofiiceworks/Jb Hifi at $299. Might be worth a look.


    I bought Herman Miller Aerons for my reception staff and offices. They're at the computer all day and they find it a god send.


    I have been using this
    Great for my back.