What Job i can get for Masters in Education?

Hi All

I am currently doing Masters in Education
Working in Child care ,I have Diploma in child care and moved on to Masters in Education for my career change

Can anyone guide which line i can get work with my masters
I enquired for School teacher but they said i need to have Masters in Teaching to enter into Teaching line .


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      Ok Thanks .How about in Australia .

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    Learning and development in workplaces, designing online education, working for a conference company.

    Medical education is an interesting field and surprisingly enough you don’t need to be medically trained to facilitate it, the clinicians provide the content you design how it’s delivered - look into medical simulation ‘SIM’ ie teaching via simulated scenarios.

    Childcare centre management.

    Education policy and project work.

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    Are you seriously telling us you undertook a masters without inquiring about the career prospects? In education?

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      I am taking second opinion mate

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        I am taking second opinion mate

        I am asking for a second opinion mate

        You need to work in your grammar for a start.

      • You might be better taking the fifth.

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  • Education policy or academic research. Not teaching.

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    Can anyone guide which line i can get work with my masters

    Didn't you look at all this before you started your masters? LOL

    You may also need to improve your writing skills, but that's probably a topic for another day… 😁

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      What mean do you?

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      if you have no idea please STOP replying and wasting time.

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        The Pot calling the Kettle black is strong on this one.

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        Geez dude… you really can't see anything wrong with someone spending tens of thousands of dollars on a Master's degree, yet, has no idea what it can be used for?

        • Over educated, and lack life skills. There are quite a few…

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        Well, this is part of asking in public forum. If you can learn to ignore some non constructive comments, it can be a helpful place compared to just asking limited number of people who you personally know.

        Someone picking up on your grammar mistakes can be a constructive comments and reminder for you to be better and work on that subject. But you can ignore the comment of someone thinking you don't deserve the master degree, just solely because of your grammar.

        English is a second language to me as well and I remember one wise old lady at workplace telling me that despite I was still learning on my english grammar, she praised me for being able to speak more than one language with quite acceptable fluency on my non-mother-tongue language. This is a good constructive feedback.

        What i learned is, most of the time, if not all, when someone intentionally putting other people down, it has something to do with justifying/trying to fix themselves.

  • Pretty much any public service job and many private office jobs will also see a Masters in Edu as a reasonable qualification to show you can perform.
    What is the M.Ed specialisation? Is it early childhood? You might want to see what other avenues are open, like technology or special education or something that aligns to a direction your are interested.

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      Specialisation in General like technology,active learning,early childhood education,digital technolgoy.

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        Oy vey

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          It's kosher.

  • That’s a very broad range of areas you are going to ‘specialise’ in. I have an MEd, the research focused in one particular area. Unsure of the value if you’re studying 4 general areas - will look good on a resume. Masters are incredibly worthwhile if you know what area of speciality you’re looking to move into. In an interview panel, I would be somewhat disappointed by the breadth of your study and wouldn’t consider you for a particular speciality.

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      I was planning to do research after my masters,Will definitely focus on particular area.
      Meanwhile want to get get job with my masters.

      • Even those masters programs that consist almost entirely of course work usually have a research component (even if it’s just critiquing other research).

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    I thought one needed an undergraduate degree before you could enter a Masters program.

    I suppose Uni’s need the patronage at the moment.

  • 9/10 troll post
    had to remove a point because op hasn't posted a pic of himself standing in front of a BMW with a big smile on his face

  • Start your own childhood care centre, document all the steps and then start buying our building your own empire! Take payment in crypto from customers, have 10kw solar on each building and look into energy efficiency and make money from energy. Look into electric transport or charging from that battery wall. Keep all government money in $ but keep all cash in crypto. Use CC that let you spend cash but keep money on crypto. As BTC gains value it covers your initial spend.

    Look into monetising on twitch streaming the CCT so parents can see the care as it will be amazing with your masters! And make money from streaming. Get rights for management to, so kids that can model for adds or art earn! You get 30%

    Put money back into staff. Pay peanuts, employ monkeys! Trust no one, video all!

  • Do you want fries with that ?

    Similar to my Partner. She has a PHd in a STEM field but can't get a job as so few STEM jobs available in Australia (Unlike what government goes on about) due to university and csiro funding cuts and nearly no real R&D in private sector .

    Her field is invasive weed species .. she has done a lot of work in the past in both agricultural and wider environmental areas around identifying and controlling pest plants . But government does not even like funding work like that .

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    Was this a new record for fastest account disabling after getting your arse handed to you?

    • LMAO they could have gone with DisabledAccount to avoid any misunderstandings

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    So, you entered a Masters course, without actually knowing what it means.
    MA, Master of Arts, would see the suffix "Ed" applied.
    What are you actually doing? Primary Education, Secondary Education?
    It does not matter if you become Doctor of Education, it simply means you have studied the subject of Education.
    Now where do you think "education" could be applied?

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      A Master of Ed does not grant accreditation for teaching at any level. Contrary to some of the comments above, it doesn’t even grant accreditation for specialised Ed (EG, TESOL or Special Ed)

      IE Master of Ed is pretty useless for anyone looking to go into the teaching field. Maybe as an academia

      • So it’s actually useless for anything other than entering the booming field that is academia?

        • Yep pretty much

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